Microsoft Dynamics Convergence Atlanta 2010 – Day 0

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It's Friday, the day before Convergence 2010 in Atlanta starts.

After a day of working with Mariano (my co-presenter) to fine tune our presentations, I went with Leslie Vail to a pre-Convergence party organised by my friends at Rockton Software.  It was great to catch up with Mark and Kelly as well as Ora from Mekorma (who I had not seen in years).

Ora, Kelly and Mark

As is becoming a tradition when I visit the US, I brought some Arnott's Tim Tams chocolate biscuits with me from Australia and challenged everyone at the party to try the Tim Tam Slam.  This is where you nibble off the chocolate from both ends and then use the Tim Tam as a straw to suck up a hot drink (hot chocolate or coffee is best).  You need to put the Tim Tam in your mouth as soon as the hot drink touches your tongue as the biscuit will disintegrate very very fast. The end result is a "chocolate explosion".

Tim Tam Slam Part 1

Anyhow, for those who succeeded with the Tim Tam Slam, the chocolate explosion happens in your mouth and tastes fantastic.  For those who do it wrong or took too long to put the melting Tim Tam into their mouth, the results can be messy.

Tim Tam Slam Part 2 - Fail

Thanks to Craig for being such a good sport and letting me publish his failed attempt. Hint: Next time use both hands for the Tim Tam and don't try and hold the cup as well.

Side Note: When I arrived in the USA at Los Angeles, I had marked on my Customs Declaration form that I had food with me. When I went through the checkpoint, the officer looked at the form, looked at me and then just said "Tim Tams".  I said "Yep" and asked if it was that common for people coming from Australia in the the USA to bring Tim Tams and he said "Yes".

Thanks to Mark for inviting me and to Jim and Ashley for opening their home. 


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  1. Beat BUCHER says:

    Hey David,

    You didn’t told me about his funny piece of cake 🙂

    I think we have something similar here in Quebec and they are called ‘Joe Louis’, but their shape is round which doesn’t make them the right candidate for such experiences… I’ll try to get one Tim Tam box the next time I’m going to Ontario, since it seems there are available in some larger food stores.

    I hope you’ll get safe home and until the next time, wish you all the best.


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