Support Debugging Tool for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Beta

David Meego - Click for blog homepageFollowing on from the release of Support Debugging Tool Build 12, I am pleased to announce the release of the Support Debugging Tool for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Beta.

This is an updated build 12 release with some changes to take advantage of new features in Dexterity v11.0 as well as a few enhancements.  Below is a list of the changes for build 11.00.0012:

Enhancements specific to GP 2010

  • Added MAPI option to Email Modes as MAPI now supports sending of multiple attachments (v11.0 only).
  • Changed Context menus on Security Profiler and Resource Information windows to use new Dexterity menus (v11.0 only).

Other Enhancements 

  • Improved Dexterity resource conversion handling on the SQL Execute window to allow table names not to be specified.
    For example: The query below:

    select {'Customer Name' of table RM_Customer_MSTR} from {table RM_Customer_MSTR}
    Can now be simplified to the following:
    select {Customer Name} from {RM_Customer_MSTR}

  • Added feature to filter Associated Tables lookup in the Resource Explorer to only include tables having a specified field.
    Select Associated Table
  • Added feature to Resource Information window to display tables which contain a specified field.
    Select Table Containing Field


  1. The other enhancements listed above are also included the updated build 12 downloads for v8.0, v9.0 and v10.0. If you downloaded build 8.00.0012, 9.00.0012 or 10.00.0012 before 10-Mar-2010, please download the file again to get the updated build. The updated build shows a last modified date of 09-Mar-2010 on the About Support Debugging Tool window. [Edited due to fix being released]
  2. With the release of the Support Debugging Tool v11.0, further development of the Support Debugging Tool v8.0 has now ceased.  Build 12 will be the last build for v8.0.



Thanks to Ryan on the Developer Support Team in Fargo for assisting me to get the Support Debugging Tool files and download pages posted on PartnerSource.



For downloads, please see the Support Debugging Tool Portal Page:

Support Debugging Tool Portal


Support Information 

The Support Debugging Tool is a custom built tool to provide additional capabilities to troubleshoot issues and is not part of the standard Microsoft Dynamics GP released application. Technical support for this tool is not handled via the standard support systems and instead is provided via the public Microsoft Dynamics GP Community Forum. You can use the link below to access the forum:

To assist the partners and Microsoft employees who monitor the forum for these questions, please prefix any subject lines with the initials "SDT: ".


More Information

For more information, please see the Support Debugging Tool Portal Page:

Support Debugging Tool Portal


Please keep you feedback on the Support Debugging Tool coming. We love hearing how the tool has helped you as well as getting ideas for future enhancements.


10-Mar-2010: Added link for Support Debugging Tool Portal page and edited due to fix being released.

16-May-2013: Updated More Information and Downloads to link to Support Debugging Tool Portal page.

Comments (4)

  1. Siva says:

    Hi David

    The filter is such a wonderful addition to the product… Thanks for your efforts…



  2. Alain Filion says:


    Can the English version of the tool be installed over a French installation of MS GP2010 ?

  3. Patrick Roth [MSFT] says:


    Yes that will work fine.  Note that the SDP was written by David from AU and therefore in Australian-ese and wouldn't be translated at all.

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