Microsoft Dynamics GP Technical Conference 2009 – Day 0

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Today is Monday and was the last chance for Mariano and I to prepare our sessions for the conference. We had a room on the Microsoft Fargo campus set aside for our use for the day.  This is the first time I have been on campus since I was in town for the Microsoft Dynamics GP Technical Airlift 2008 and so the first time I have seen the new Vision and Commons buildings.

New Buildings (Fargo Campus)
New buildings on the Microsoft campus in Fargo: Vision (left) and Commons (middle)

We spent the day trying to do a "dry run" of our presentations, but once we fitted in saying hello to many of the Microsoft team members who wanted to catch up with us, a couple of meetings, lunch at the amazing new cafeteria in the Commons and doing a technical test of our laptops with the project, we had not done much more than go over the introduction slides.  

Near the end of the day, we finally got some time to sit down and work through one of the planned demos and were hit with a big realisation.  Unless we had 3 hours for our Customisation session, there was no way we would be able to get through the demos by actually coding them during the session. So we had to re-think our plans (more on that in the next post).

Then it was time to go conference registration and welcome session and dinner. This was held in the Commons dinning area.  On a number of the tables Lego Bionicle and Kennex sets had been provided to keep the attendees amused. Leslie Vail decided to construct a Ferris Wheel kit and with a "little" help from Darren Hunt created a working engineering masterpiece.  Leslie even borrowed the batteries from her mouse to make the motor work.

Engineers Leslie & Darren 
Amateur Engineers: Darren Hunt and Leslie Vail

At the registration dinner, Mariano and I also had the chance to catch up with fellow bloggers Michael Johnson (The MBS Guru) and Constance Gilleland.

 Michael, Mariano, David & Constance
Left to right: Michael Johnson, Mariano Gomez, David Musgrave, Constance Gilleland

Make sure you check out Mariano's post on the day which also includes some great photos of the new buildings (both exterior and interior). 

Conference starts tomorrow. Hopefully we are ready.


18-Nov-2009: See the Microsoft Dynamics GP Technical Conference 2009 Wrap Up for more posts.

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