This Is Perth

David Meego - Click for blog homepageLast week, a short film by a couple of high school teachers in Perth, Western Australia was released onto YouTube.  It has been receiving a large number of hits and I thought it was so funny, I would share it with you.

It might explain why I am proud to be West Australian and love living in Perth ... then again it might not!!

It is called This is Perth and is a look at the Greatest City In The World.

For feedback, see the comments on the actual YouTube page as well as on the creators' blog site: Perrella & Osborn

Some of the local Perth community are playing along with the joke, with VJzoo projecting images of Bertie into the Swan River and onto the Swan Bell Tower (not Parliament House).  Check out this slideshow:

For some factual information on Perth and Western Australia, go visit: or


Comments (3)

  1. Very nice finding. It brings back nostalgic moments for me. I used to live in Perth myself for 5 years, in Booragoon, Winthrop, and Mount Pleasant to be specific. 🙂

  2. Thanks for posting the video! The local reaction to it has been huge, and it’s great to see people appreciating the satire. Cheers!

  3. David Musgrave says:

    Hi Geoffrey

    Sounds like you are a "South of the River" person too.  I have lived in East Fremantle, Attadale, Booragoon, Winthrop, Booragoon (again) and now Winthrop.

    Glad you enjoyed the video.


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