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David Meego - Click for blog homepageI spent a little time yesterday making some changes to the blog site.  The first change was very subtle and would only be noticed if you use a browser other than Internet Explorer.  I adjusted the HTML for the banner at the top of the site so that it displays correctly on all browsers. As I am a perfectionist, it was bugging me and so I sorted it out... eventually.

The other change is the replacement of the standard built in blog search with a Bing Search widget (see the top of the blog).  This allows you to use Bing to search the blog and gives better search results than the built in search.

If you want to add a Bing Search to your site, follow the link below for the tool to help you design and configure a custom Bing Box. 

While we are talking Bing....

You might have heard about the Bing Song competition that was run during the end of July and the start of August. Well, if you did not, go check out the Bing Channel and the Bing Jingle section (while it is still listed, until 29th August 2009).

Ok, If you can't handle the cheesy songs, at least watch the winner: Song A Day #202: Bing Goes The Internet by Jonathan Mann (who is writing a song a day):

Warning:  It gets stuck in your head. 

Bing on the comments (with terrible puns). 🙂


Comments (5)

  1. David,

    Just check out the Bing widget. It is not allowing to write any text in the search box. I checked it in IE as well as Google Chrome browsers.

  2. David Musgrave says:

    Hi Janakiram

    I have tested it using IE8 and it works fine.

    A friend has confirmed that it works for Firefox3 and IE6.



  3. David,

    Probably it would have been a temporaray glitch I had this morning that prevented me to enter the text. Now I can see that it’s perfectly working.

  4. Steve says:

    Hi David,

    I find it a pain in the …. as when you perform a search, click on one of the links, you need to re-enter the search string to look at the other returns.

    Cheers, Steve

  5. Patrick Roth [MSFT] says:


    I didn’t have this experience.  For me (IE8), when I type into the Bing Box and hit the lookup, it opens a new drop window with the results.

    Then when I click one of the results, it opens a new IE browser (not just a new tab) entirely to show the article.  What browser are you using?  It might be different for other browsers.

    Assuming that might be the case, then I guess what I’d do instead of left clicking the link, right click the link and choose to "open in a new window/tab" instead.  That should leave your search box open and view your selected link as well.


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