Introducing the Microsoft Dynamics Partner/ISV Playbook

David Meego - Click for blog homepageThe Microsoft Dynamics Partner Community Blog has announced the release of the Microsoft Dynamics ISV Playbook.  This guide now joins the Microsoft Dynamics Partner Playbooks for ERP and CRM Partners. These documents provide partners with information and links to the most current tools and resources available for Microsoft Dynamics.

The Microsoft Dynamics Partner Playbook (for ERP Partners and CRM Partners) provides U.S. partners with a single source of information with links to the most complete end-to-end processes, from discovering your opportunity and registering, to acquiring the necessary training and certifications, to marketing, selling, and implementing your first Microsoft Dynamics customer solutions. The objective of this guide is to direct you through the activation process in order to accelerate your productivity and develop a sustainable business practice for Microsoft Dynamics.  

The Microsoft Dynamics ISV Playbook is intended as a resource for you to use as you explore becoming an independent software vendor (ISV) for Microsoft Dynamics. It is also intended as a roadmap for new ISVs as you begin your partnership with Microsoft Dynamics to help you understand the decision points you will encounter as you build your solution, certify it and market it throughout the Microsoft ecosystem. Lastly this document can be used as a resource if you are already a Microsoft Dynamics partner and are considering creating functionality to address vertical market needs. 

For all the details and the download links, please follow the PartnerSource link below: 

Microsoft Dynamics Partner/ISV Playbook Secure Link

While these documents are meant for U.S. partners, much of the information is valid for other countries as well. 


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