Unexpected Hidden Talents – Another cake added

David Meego - Click for blog homepageAfter 13 years, it has finally happened. I am the father of a teenager.

My eldest son , Aaron, turned 13 last month and we recently had a party for him and his friends to go and see the new Transformers movie.

As has become the tradition in our family, my wife and I combined forces to make a Birthday cake.  Jennifer made the cakes and icing and I shaped and decorated them.  This time we followed the Transformers theme and created a vanilla "Autobot" cake and a chocolate "Decepticon" cake. 

A quick side note... My wife bought the automatic re-lighting candles (without realizing) and they were a source of much amusement as Aaron continuously failed to blow out the candles.  Try them sometime with your kids.

Aaron's 13th Birthday Cake 

Go have a look at the other cakes Jennifer and I have created over the years.

Unexpected Hidden Talents - Decorating Cakes



PS: The recipe for the cakes and icing is also provided.

Comments (2)

  1. maruf_d says:

    Brilliant….Love the Decepticon Cake.

    The movie was fantastic too 🙂

    PS: A Belated Happy Birthday to Aaron 🙂

  2. David,

    The cakes are too good. I’d love to have a small pie of it if i can 🙂

    In fact, I shared all the cakes pictures with my wife just to show how Aaron’s each Birthday is so special!!

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