Bing is here

David MeegoGoing live this week is Bing. Not just another search engine, it is decision engine. 

Please watch this video to understand what makes Bing so cool.

Bing - A better way to search from Microsoft

Bing is a new search engine designed to do more than merely help you find information. Bing organizes search results and provides refinement tools that help you overcome information overload, get things done and quickly bring you to the point of using that information to make an informed decision.

The current state of Internet search leaves much to be desired. According to a Microsoft-commissioned survey by Harris Interactive Inc., half of attempted search queries fail to meet consumer needs, and nearly three-quarters of people consider search results too disorganized. Armed with this knowledge, we set out to create a new type of search experience with improvements in three key areas:

  • Delivering great search results and one-click access to relevant information

  • Creating a more organized search experience

  • Simplifying tasks and providing tools that enable insight about key decisions

Microsoft also found that 66 percent of consumers are more focused on using the Internet to get things done, rather than to simply find information. Therefore, with Bing we created much more than an Internet search engine. Instead, we created what is essentially an Internet decision engine that will help you navigate through the rampant excess of information and find the shortest distance to an informed decision.

For more information have a look at the website.

See a test drive from Stefan Weitz (Director, Bing) from Bing: Test Drive Microsofts new search engine.

There is also a webcast today, see Join us June 1st 10am PT for the Bing Webcast for details.

Enjoy and start making decisions with Bing soon.


15-Sep-2009: Check out the Bing Goes the Internet video.

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