Controlling the size of the Body section on Reports

David MeegoThe question of how to control the size of the body section of a document such as Sales Order Processing (SOP) Orders and Invoices or Purchase Order Processing (POP) Purchase Orders has come up a number of times before.  It was asked again on a Community Forum post a while back. So I thought I would post the answer here.

The size of the space available for the body of a report (including additional headers and footers) is controlled by the following formula:

Size of body = Paper length (based on paper size and orientation) - margins (and non-printable area) as per printer driver - size of the header section - size of the footer section

To simplify the calculation of the size of the header section and footer section and to maintain a consistent size of body, the size of the Report Header and Page Header should be the same (if both are used) and the size of the Report Footer and Page Footer should be the same (if both are used). The size is shown at the bottom of the toolbox window as you resize the section.

For example: Make the Report Header and Page Header larger and this will start the body further down the page and decrease the space available.

So, by increasing and decreasing the size of the Page and Report Headers and Footers, you can control the position and size of the body section. 

Hope this is helpful.


Comments (3)

  1. Arnold says:

    Can i set a custom page size in dexterity?

  2. David Musgrave says:

    Hi Arnold

    You can define custom page sizes is most printer drivers.  Dexterity reads the page size from the printer driver.  

    I would suggest using Named Printers to select the printer and/or adjust settings.


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