The Language of Dynamics (GP Dialect)

David MeegoDoug Pitcher on the Rose Business Solutions Blog is keeping us amused again with his glossary of Microsoft Dynamics terms, abbreviations, acronyms and names.

Have a look at his Dynamics as a Second Language post to see what I am talking about.

If you have other terms, TLAs*, ETLAs**, VETLAs*** or names to add to his post, just add a comment.

I think we need to at VSTMDGP (Visual Studio Tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP) and SDT (Support Debugging Tool) as well as Modifier and VBA to the list.


* TLA = Three Letter Acronym, for example: ROM, VGA.

** ETLA = Extended Three Letter Acronym, for example: PROM, WVGA.

*** VETLA = Very Extended Three Letter Acronym, for example: EPROM, WXVGA.

02-Jun-2009: Fixed broken links caused by the Rose Business Solutions blog moving from to

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