Internet Explorer 8 has been released

David MeegoIf you have not heard already, Microsoft has just released the final build of Internet Explorer 8.0.

Internet Explorer 8.0 has been tested and is supported with Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 and all web applications with Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0. The System Requirements page has been updated to reflect this.

System Requirements for Microsoft® Dynamics GP 10.0 Secure Link

If you want to know more about Internet Explorer 8.0 offers or download it for your system please visit the Internet Explorer 8.0 sub-site.

You should also watch this very funny video about the History of the Internet (A Brief History of the Web). Also check out the other video clips under the main video.

If you want to see the entire Powerthirst advert (featured in the previous video), click on the link below.  It is worth watching for a laugh, it is a great parody of a "shouty" advert.


WARNING: The Powerthirst video does have a swear word in it and is not politically correct, but it is very funny.


Comments (2)

  1. David,

    I feel compelled to reference one of my favorites.  It too contains some obscenities; but is quite funny:


  2. Jivtesh says:

    Nice video. I loved the comments "14 million people writing poems on the internet and 14 people reading them" and the disclaimer you put in there. 🙂


    There’s Steve Ballmer disguised as a Ninja in the video ;)!

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