Great Plains Historical Timeline

David MeegoA little while ago I was sent a document which has the release dates for every release of Great Plains/Microsoft Dynamics GP from version 1.0 to the current version GP 2013 R2 (v12.0).

I thought it would be a fun exercise to post a summary of this timeline so you can get an idea of the wealth of history behind the product.

Product Released 

Release Date  
Dynamics Release 1.0 February 1993
Dynamics Release 2.0 & Dynamics C/S+ Release 2.0 31 May 1994
Dynamics Release 2.04 & Dynamics C/S+ Release 2.04 February 1995
Dynamics Release 2.11 & Dynamics C/S+ Release 2.11 18 Septemer 1995
Dynamics Release 2.20 & Dynamics C/S+ Release 2.20 04 December 1995
Dynamics Release 3.0 & Dynamics C/S+ Release 3.0  09 May 1996
Dynamics C/S+ for SQL Release 3.15 November 1996
Dynamics C/S+ for SQL Release 3.17   26 March 1997
Dynamics C/S+ ISAM Release 3.20   19 May 1997
Dynamics (LAN) Release 4.0 August 1997
Dynamics (SQL) Release 4.0  17 October 1997
Dynamics Release 5.0 & Dynamics C/S+ Release 5.0  09 September 1998
Dynamics Release 5.1 & Dynamics C/S+ Release 5.1 12 January 1999
Dynamics Release 5.5 & eEnterprise Release 5.5 18 August 1999
Dynamics Release 5.51 October 1999
Dynamics Release 6.0 & eEnterprise Release 6.0 24 July 2000
Dynamics Release 7.0 & eEnterprise Release 7.0 25 June 2002
Microsoft Business Solutions - Great Plains Release 7.5  8 April 2003
Microsoft Business Solutions - Great Plains Release 8.0  2 June 2004
Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0   17 November 2005
Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 04 May 2007
Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 (11.0) 01 May 2010
Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 R2 (11.0 SP2) 01 May 2011
Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 (12.0) 19 December 2012
Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 R2 (12.0) 28 May 2014

Make sure you look at the GP Logos through the years post if you have not seen it already. 

Please post a comment to let me know what version you first worked with and when.


20-Apr-2010: Updated for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010.

05-Jul-2012: Updated for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 R2.

14-Dec-2012: Updated for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013.

14-Aug-2014: Updated for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 R2.

Comments (20)

  1. Viswa says:

    Hi David,

             Its really nice to know the release dates of all the versions of GP.

    I started my career with GP 7.5 from April 2006.

  2. Looking at David Musgrave’s timeline of GP releases , I’m reminded that I started working with

  3. Scott Stephenson [MSFT] says:

    Taught my first Dexterity class in Fall of 1992 prior to 1.0 release of Dynamics. I still have a chance to catch up with a few folks in those first classes, from time to time.

  4. David Musgrave says:

    If we are going to show how old we are….

    I looked at Dynamics 1.0 with my partner, but decided at the time not to get involved (my partner had just had a number of bad experiences with other accounting software and did not want a repeat performance). We saw potential and decided to wait for the next version.

    When Dynamics 2.0 came out we decided that this was a product worth getting involved with and signed up as a partner. For many years, Sequel Technology was the exclusive partner for Western Australia.

    It was in 1994 when I flew from Perth to Melbourne for the first Dexterity class to be run outside of Fargo. It was also Kevin Kidder’s first international trip. This is when I started working with Dexterity 2.04.


  5. Doug Pitcher says:

    I started working with Dynamics in 2000 although I still support clients on 5.5. Microsoft had just bought out Great Plains I believe and 6.0 had just been released. Went to convergence in….2002 and learned about Lewis and Clark. I was prepped before I went to the keynote to expect nothing about Dynamics, accounting, Great Plains etc. so that helped. I kind of miss those type of keynotes now.

  6. Leslie Vail says:

    I go back to 1993. I always think of version 1.0 as a ‘good idea’.

    My first install was for a real estate investor who had 32 partnerships. It was back then that I learned all about macros.

    That client is still using GP and now has 164 databases.

    David, you and I met at Tech Conference just after you left Sequel Technology. You introduced me to Mark Rockwell who had just gone out on his own too.

    Gracious, has it really been that long?

  7. Many people who have not been working with Microsoft Dynamics GP since the early non-SQL versions of

  8. Matt says:

    Hi David

    Wasn’t 3.15 a Dynamics rather than Dynamics C/S+ for SQL release? And wasn’t there a 3.10 release for multicurrency?


  9. David Musgrave says:

    Hi Matt

    There was a controlled release of 3.10 to customers and partners for Purchase Order Processing (POP). As it was not a general release I did not add it to the timeline.

    3.15 was definately a SQL release.  This was the first SQL release that had performance issues and so was followed fairly quickly with 3.17.  See the post below for more info:


  10. Rob says:

    Looks like the date for version 2013 should be December 2012 not December 2013.

  11. David Musgrave says:

    Good catch Rob. fixed now.

  12. Jo Ann Wellman says:

    David – Thank you so much for putting this together.  From the timeline, it looks like I started working with this around December 1995.  Can we really be closing in on 20 years???

  13. David Musgrave says:

    Hi Jo Ann

    Long time no speak. Hope you are doing well.

    Yes we are getting to be old farts now.


  14. Jay Ward says:

    Should anyone (especially if they are on Dynamics GP 2010) still be calling this "Great Plains" ? Any advice to someone who's interested in getting his client to stop using the phrase "Great Plains"?



  15. David Musgrave says:

    Hi Jay

    I know you know GP stands for Great Plains. In some ways it is nice to remember the heritage.  

    If you must suggest that the initials "GP" is quicker and easier to say. Then maybe go to "Dyn GP"… you could always try "MSDGP".

    I really would not stress too much. We all know that we are talking about the same thing.


    PS: At least they are not removing the letter L…. that one annoys me.

  16. ian richardson says:

    is there a site out there that already has the end of support dates for these various versions?  Would it be something to easily add to this web page (assuming the dates are easily known that is).


  17. David Musgrave says:

    Hi Ian

    The Microsoft Product Lifecycle pages have all the information. Here is the link to the Index, find Microsoft Dynamics GP under D.…/lifeselectindex


  18. Anonymous says:

    Wow. This brings back memories. 🙂 I started when GP 8 was on the way out.

  19. Larry Heatwole - Computer Works Inc says:

    This timeline is missing the 1st decade of the heritage product known as Great Plains Software. I first began supporting the Hard Disk Accounting series from Great Plains Software in 1983 on the Apple ///. It was the one and only multiuser product in accounting software at the time. We ran multiple workstations on a Corvus network.

    I have supported every version since that time, including one client who is STILL using Great Plains Software ver 9.5 on a Windows 98 network of 8 workstations.

    Can anyone top 34 years of continuous support to the same strain of software? And yes I’m getting ready to retire and turn the company over to my children.

    1. Hi Larry

      My Apple //e only had floppy drives. Then again I was more interested in games at that time than accounting. That said, I did create my first business software on that machine and get paid for it.

      Sadly, I can’t update the information on this blog post as I am no long an MS employee, but I might create an updated version on my new blog.


      PS: You might beat Leslie Vail as an old timer of the GP world. Please come to GPUG Summit for a last Hoorah before you retire, There are lots of people who would love to meet you.

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