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David MeegoA while ago I added a WorldMaps gadget to the blog to track where the visitors to the blog were coming from.  This beta version of the tool was created by Brian Hitney (Microsoft Developer Evangelist) and was published on his blog site. For more infomation on the development see here.

On the 22-Feb-2009, WorldMaps moved into a production version on its own domain (, see here for the announcement.  The Developing for Dynamics GP blog now has a second WorldMaps gadget for the new version.  Once the map has filled out a bit with some more data, the old one will be removed.

More Information on WorldMaps 

Worldmaps is a social, geographical hit counter.

The idea is simple: Start by placing a small image on your site (or, if preferred, an "invisible" tracking pixel). As users visit your site, their browser requests the image from the Worldmaps server. No personally identifiable information is stored, but the geographic information is calculated and aggregated on each Worldmap. 

The result is an overview of where your visitors are coming from. The results can be seen on small, navbar-sized maps, larger and more detailed maps, or through Virtual Earth.

While it's fun to see where your visitors are coming from, it's more fun to participate in the social. See how your stats rank against your friends, and see who can achieve the highest world domination.

So what now?

If you are a webmaster or a blogger .... Go to the site, click on the join link and follow the on screen instructions.  Once you have registered your user account, you can create a map ID for each site you want to track.  Then add the supplied code to add the image (or invisible tracking pixel) to your site. Finally, you can view the results at your leisure. 

Click on the link below for the details of this blog:



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