Time for a change

David Meego"A change is as good as a holiday."

I had some time today to make some changes to the visual side of the Developing for Dynamics GP blog.

The blog is designed to work with a 1024 x 768 resolution or greater and is now 100 pixels wider.  The old blog format had a lot of wasted space on the left and right hand edges.

I have also changed the colour theme and updated the main banner image to match.

Finally, I made the Tags and Archives sections in the left hand pane collapsible.

Please let me know if you like the changes.


Comments (9)

  1. David,

    I like the blue theme….and seems to be a lot faster to load.  And the collapsible sections are cool!


  2. maruf_d says:

    Looks great except for one thing – I am looking at it using firefox and the logo’s edges look white and jagged. Is it a transparency issue?

  3. David Musgrave says:

    Hi Maruf

    It took a couple of iterations, but I now have the text and the logo without the white jagged edges.

    The issue was that I was using a logo with a white background and even if you make the white transparent, the edges are still fading towards white.  I used a trick to get the writing fixed and a little manual editing to get the logo fixed.

    Much better now.


  4. Snook says:

    Using Chrome and it looks great.  

  5. Leslie Vail says:

    Looks great David,

    Your blog is incredible. It’s my first stop if I have a problem to solve!


  6. I love the new look of Developing for Dynamics GP . David Musgrave took the wraps off of it last week

  7. Tom Garth says:

    The changes are nice. Comfortable.

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