Before you Write a Customization, check Solution Finder

David MeegoMy friend Jeff Katz from the US Microsoft Dynamics GP Field Team has created a blog post about Partner and ISV Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics GP.

He informs us about an exported version of the information available in the Solution Finder tool.  It contains information about Developing Partners or Independent Software Vendors (ISV) and their products.

This can be downloaded from PartnerSource using the link below.  Remember that this is a static copy made on the 31-Oct-2008 and the most up to date information can be found on the Solution Finder itself.

Partner and ISV Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics GP Secure Link

Jeff's post got me thinking (dangerous as that may be).

One of the things that is most precious to us is time.  We all need more time, more time to finish projects, more time to spend with our families, more time to relax.  So, it is really important not to waste time.

Where I am going with this is ... before you dive straight into writing custom code to create a solution, stop and think ... Do I really need to spend the time developing this customization?

Here are some points to think about:

  • Can I use the standard functionality in some way to satisfy the customer's requirements?

  • Should the customer take the opportunity to re-design some business processes to fit the system better?

  • If a customization is really needed, has someone else already developed it?

  • If a customization exists already that is not quite a perfect match, can the customer adapt?

  • If a customization exists already that is not quite a perfect match, can the developer make changes?

  • If a customization exists already that is not quite a perfect match, can I customize the customization?

In summary, before you write a new customization, check the Solution Finder and search the Internet for other possible solutions.

Another great site to search is ISV Central which was set up by Mark Rockwell.  ISV Central is a community resource to share product information between partners and with customers.

If a product already exists, the developer will support and maintain it and provide a new version when Microsoft Dynamics GP is upgraded.  This is much simpler than having a customer specific customization which you will need to support, maintain and upgrade.

If the partners and developers in the Microsoft Dynamics GP community avoid duplication of effort where possible, then more time is available to be used in other ways.

I better stop thinking now ... it hurts too much. 


PS: There are often simpler methods of making changes, see Customizations that you do not need to do.

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  1. Jivtesh says:


    I completely agree. The lesser the duplication, the more value we can provide to existing customers and prospects.

    The downside is – sometimes though you can find existing solutions, they are not well supported. Its often understandable, considering the economics but difficult to justify to customers. Many times we have had to wait days to receive support for a small customization, which could have been built in lesser time.

  2. Dave Musgrave has a great post up on when it makes sense to create a customization. We tend to follow

  3. Over the years that I have worked with Great Plains and Microsoft Dynamics GP, I have seen (and written)

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