Farewell and Good Luck to The Fabulous Matt G

David MeegoI have been involved with Great Plains (the product and company) since 1994 and during that time there has been one person in the Fargo Great Plains organisation who has always been there to answer my questions. I could direct any question at him and he would answer it himself or find someone who could.  He has supported me personally in many of my projects and given me honest feedback (sometimes brutally honest) on my ideas. 

On top of what he has done for Great Plains (Dynamics GP) development, he has a not-so-secret super power.  He is the best conference host you could ever hope for (unless you want a live demo).  So who is this amazing person?

He is none other than The Fabulous Matt G.

The Fabulous Matt G (Matt Gustafson)

Well, today I found out that Matt Gustafson will be leaving Microsoft (his decision) to "get back to his roots" in a smaller company.  So with permission from the man himself, below is his good bye email (the names have been changed to protect the innocent):

When I was in 8th grade, one of the wisest teachers I ever knew, was giving us her standard speech about how learning is a continuous process, and how we should fall in love with learning because the marketplace would demand it as we made our way into the workforce.  One of the predictions she read to us was that grads of my generation should expect to change careers multiple times in our lifetime, and move from company to company at least a dozen times.  (In the spirit of full-disclosure, my teacher also argued that by now, we’d be exclusively using the metric system worldwide, we’d be riding around in flying cars, and Japanese would be the “language of all business around the world”… so she wasn’t perfect.)  On a recent trip to my hometown, I ran into my teacher and it got me to thinking:  “Holy Crap!  If I’m going to switch companies that many times, I better get started!  If I don’t start making some changes, I’ll have to work until I’m 140.”   So in an effort to not disappoint my 8th grade teacher, I’m moving on to a new gig outside of Microsoft as the Director of Development at a kick-ass software shop based in Fargo. 

I’ve been a member of the Great Plains/Microsoft family for 18+ years.  During that time, I’ve had the privilege of working on teams that have delivered dozens of great product releases (OK… not ALL of them were great…some were a little weaker than others.)  But the VAST majority improved Customers and Partners lives, so I’m proud of that.   Over the years, I’ve traveled the world with many of you, spreading the word about our MBS products and services.  That was fun, too; mostly because it’s easy to brag about products you believe in, and we’ve got plenty of that around here (so we should all be proud of that.)  And over that time, I’ve made a LOT more friends than enemies, and I’m proud of that, too.

Some days were good… others great.
Some days were bad… others horrible.
Some days were painful… some downright hilarious.

It’s been a great ride, boys and girls.  Thanks to everyone who shared the front seat of this roller-coaster with me.  I’m lucky to have crossed paths with each of you, and I hope our paths will continue to cross in the future.  I’ll be on-the-job here until my birthday (Feb-6,) so if you owe me money, stop by my office and pay up (you know who you are!) 

Thanks for the memories, gang.

P.S.  My teacher also wrote the following message on my 8th grade report card.  Anyone who has sat next to me in a meeting while I did email would find it very prophetic:  “In class, Matt has the ability to talk and do work at the same time, which is great for him, but can be distracting to other students.”  How true it is!

Thanks Matt for the friendship and support over the years. I wish you the best of luck with your future endeavours and hope to catch up again someday soon.


PS: See Mark Polino's post: End of an Era, The Fabulous Matt G Moves On

PPS: If you would like to wish Matt good luck or just say 'hello", please write a comment on this post and I will make sure Matt see them.

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  1. So, as one of many GP consultants who have participated in many Matt G hosted conferences over the years, I have come to appreciate his brand of humor and enthusiasm (which is no doubtedly contagious).  I really think that Matt G was one of the first people who demonstrated to me that humor, coupled with real knowledge of the product, could diffuse pretty much any situation and create an atmosphere of collaboration with partners and customers.  I try to take this in to my classroom and my presentations (although I will never be Matt G)every day.

    As a side note, I remember Matt tracking me down at a conference to correct an answer that was provided to me in a Q&A.  The fact that a) he knew the answer was incorrect and b) tracked me down to make sure I knew.  Of course, this just cemented me as a member of the Matt G fan club.

    He will be missed, as he was one of many that reminded us of what Great Plains is and could be. Best of luck in your new adventure, Matt.  I have no doubt it will be not only fun but successful!

  2. As most of you know him by "The Fabulous Matt G" who emcee’s most of the Dynamics Events is leaving Microsoft

  3. Leslie Vail says:

    Oh Nooo not Mr. Matt G.,

    He’s the reason I went to so many of the General Sessions at the conferences!  Great Plains will NOT be the same without him.

    It’s sometimes hard to believe how much time has passed (18 yrs, wow). Matt will be missed by so many. What a shock it will be to go to Convergence and not have Matt amaze and entertain us with his generous nature, and comedic gift. I’ll never forget Matt G. on stage in a wetsuit!

    So where do I sign up for the MGUG (Matt G. User Group)? I’m already feeling withdrawal symptons and feel I need an intervention.

    Good luck Matt, I hope we’ll see you again.

    Leslie Vail

  4. David Musgrave says:


    Shouldn’t that be the TFMGUG or maybe TFMGFC?


  5. Chris Rogers says:

    Wow…just wow….

    a truly class act that will be missed not only at convergence, but as a tireless and dedicated customer voice in the development of the product line.

    It was a great pleasure speaking with Matt and he has left some really big shoes to fill.

    Good Luck Matt G!

  6. David Musgrave says:

    Post from Gerbear:

    Matt made "FUN" of what could have been some pretty dry material over the years…

  7. Ora Goldman says:

    Matt, your support of our long relationship with Great Plains and Microsoft has been invaluable to us. Thank you for everything that you have done throughout the years. Best of luck in your new position–it sounds terrific!

    I’ll never forget many of your hilarious acts. Thank you for those as well.

  8. Craig Klapman says:

    Thanks, Matt. You may not remember me specifically, but I’ve been around the channel for a little over 10 years. I don’t come from a corporate background. I probably would not have made as long (or very long at all) if not for your antics married with expertise. It has always been an inspiration to me. I’m a little off the wall myself. Your multi-faceted abilities have prodded me along in small inspirational ways. You have proven one can be crazy AND competent…at many things. Good luck in your new position. And congratulations. I look forward to our paths crossing again.

  9. Phil Marotta says:

    Well this is a sad day for the MBS Convergence Community.  You were a terrific host and will sorely be missed.  Good Luck to your future endeavors.  

  10. Sheila Jefferson-Ross says:

    What a sad day for Microsoft to loose such a valuable asset that Matt G has been.  I too have the most fondest memories of Matt G at Tech Conferences and then at Convergence.  Future event will never be the same.

    I have a photo of Matt G pulling consultant, Catherine Jacobs of GA, in a little red wagon for one of his gift giving opening sessions.  It’s quite the photo.  I, too, remember his time on stage in a wetsuit.

    I have always been and always will be a fan (or groupie) of the Fabulous Matt G.  Not many people can match his enthusiasm and his generosity.

    Good luck Matt,

    Sheila Jefferson-Ross

    in sunny California

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