Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 Service Packs, Hotfixes and Payroll Compliance/Year End Updates May Damage the Modified Reports and Forms

David MeegoThis issue which has now been confirmed by development seems to be hitting a few people when installing Microsoft Dynamics GP v10.00 Service Packs and Year End updates. This affects Service Pack 2 and all later builds/hotfix/updates.

Edit: We are expecting this to be fixed in builds to be released in March. 

Please see the following Hot Topic posts for more information: Secure Link Secure Link

The method described in the Hot Topics does not handle format changes and/or additions or changes to strings and messages.  I would suggest that these changes are recorded as macros when they are made so they can be easily recreated in the new forms and reports dictionaries.  Please see the Knowledge Base (KB) article below for more info:

Formats Not Exported to .Package Files (KB 851092) Secure Link


17-Jan-2009: Add Expected Fix Date.

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  1. KJ_EIT says:

    Where is this issue documented on PartnerSource. I have run into this issue every time I have installed this update so far. Why isn’t there a link to this hot topic on the download page for this service pack?

  2. Many of us faced this while installing SP’s without following installation instructions!

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