Are you using the Support Debugging Tool?

David MeegoYou might say that I am biased.  As the developer of the Support Debugging Tool for Microsoft Dynamics GP, I believe that every Microsoft Dynamics GP site (v8.0, v9.0 & v10.0) should have the tool installed. Even if you don't need it straight away, it is always there when you do. 

For example:

You might get an error condition occurring that you would like to obtain logs for.  However, if you modify the Dex.ini file to turn on logging as described in the Knowledge Base (KB) articles below, you will need to restart the application for the settings to take effect.  Many times, you will find that restarting the application has resolved the issue and you have not got any closer to identifying the root cause. 

How to create a Dexsql.log file for Microsoft Dynamics GP (KB 850996) Secure Link

How to use the Dexterity Script Debugger to trace bugs and performance issues in Microsoft Dynamics GP (KB 910982) Secure Link

If you had the Support Debugging Tool already installed, you could start the logging manually with a single mouse click without needing to exit the application at all.  Once the error has occurred you can stop the logging and provide the resulting logs to support for analysis.  Then the root cause can be found and the issue fixed.

My friend Mariano Gomez has added to his blog post First Look at Support Debugging Tool for Microsoft Dynamics GP with an article on, please have a read:

How Microsoft Dynamics GP’s New Debugging Tool Can Improve Productivity By Speeding Technical Support

Note: You will need to register your free account to be able to read the entire article.

You can also find a post about the tool on the Microsoft Dynamics GP UK Blog Post: Support Debugging Tool.

If you want more information about the release of the tool (including the download links from PartnerSource), have a look at the announcement post on this blog: Support Debugging Tool - The wait is over

For other related articles and posts have a look at the Support Debugging Tool Tag page.

I am currently working on a new build of the Support Debugging Tool with new features and enhancements to existing features... watch this blog for more info. 


06-May-2009: Added link to the Support Debugging Tool Tag page.

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  1. maruf_d says:

    Of course 🙂 It has so much in one screen. I can Profile scripts, log SQL scripts, log Dex scripts with custom file names…It is a huge timesaver for debugging and much more…

    I also love the "runtime execute" and "SQL execute"  features. Very cool! I had to fire up the Dex environment earlier for a lot of tasks which was cumbersome…Not Anymore! Support Debugging Tool does everything for me.

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful tool with the community. I am sure everyone is reaping its benefits.

  2. GregL says:

    David – the Support Debugging Tool rocks!!  

    I’m not a developer, but I find the Security Profiler extremely useful when setting up and tweaking the new V10 security.  I’m planning to have it on all of my V10 sites for this reason alone.  

    A possible enhancement is to enable the profiler to run on logon.  I’ve had those pesky security privileges error messages during logon and it’s hit and miss to find the window at fault.  

    Once again thanks for a very useful tool.

  3. David Musgrave says:

    Hi Greg

    Watch for the Security related posts this week. They will help you resolve security issues on login.


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