Statement of Direction for Microsoft Dynamics GP

David MeegoYou might have seen some other posts around that the updated Statement of Direction for Microsoft Dynamics GP documentation has been posted on PartnerSource and CustomerSource. 

Some points of interest for the developer community are listed below:

The Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 Feature Pack shipped in June 2008 contains the following:

Feature Description
XML Source Adapter for Integration Manager Directly import XML documents into Microsoft Dynamics GP.
Dexterity Updates New documentation offers instructions for adding customizations similar to new features in Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0, including Navigation Pane buttons and Area Pages.
Visual Studio Tools for Dynamics GP New documentation offers detail for upgrading to Visual Studio 2008, as well as updated information on templates and enhanced information for the Dictionary Assembly Generator (DAG.exe).

The Statement of Direction also mentions that Microsoft Dynamics GP "11.0" is planned to contain the following:

Feature Description
Web Services 30+ new Web Services focusing on connectivity areas requested by customers.

Ability to store strings in an external DLL for use by dictionaries.

Visual Studio Tools for Dynamics GP

Enhancements to Microsoft Visual Studio tools for working with .NET and Microsoft Dynamics GP, including unsubscribe from events, table buffers as parameters, procedure/function triggers, and list box enhancements.

The Frequently Asked Questions document has a section for developers that is worth reading.  This document is only available from the PartnersSource version of the links below.  I will highlight one question .... just because I am biased:

Q: Should I continue to develop in Dexterity?
A: Yes, depending on customization requirements. The Dexterity development community is still very active and will continue to be active into the future

Here are the links to the documents:

Statement of Direction for Microsoft Dynamics GP Secure Link (CustomerSource)

Statement of Direction for Microsoft Dynamics GP Secure Link (PartnerSource)

I see a very bright future for the customers, partners and developers who work with Microsoft Dynamics GP.


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  1. Developing for Dynamics GP is full of new stuff today including Using VBA with Report Writer , Using

  2. maruf_d says:

    Brilliant Post as usual. Comes with a sigh of relief for all the Dex lovers.

    Thanks David.

  3. I remember going to Stampede in either 2002 or 2003…there was a big announcement that GP 6.0 was going to be last version on Dexterity.  🙂  

  4. Andrew Cooper says:

    > The Statement of Direction also mentions that Microsoft Dynamics GP "11.0" is planned to contain the following

    Should we read anything into the quotation marks, there?  Are we expecting Microsoft Dynamics GP, Inspirational Title Edition? 😉

  5. David Musgrave says:

    Hi Andrew

    You never know…. I suppose until the next version is actually released it gives the option to give it a really long, complex, inspirational but irrelevant name.

    As far as I know it will be Microsoft Dynamics GP 11.0, but it had the quotes in the Statement document so I kept them.


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