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This page contains links to blogs relating to Microsoft Dynamics GP:


To search all the blogs below, you can use Jivtesh Singh's - Your window into Dynamics GP Resources, or use the Custom Search for Dynamics GP Blogs directly.

You can also use Mark Polino's MyGPSearch.


Microsoft Associated Blogs

Inside Microsoft Dynamics GP Official Blog ( or (

Dynamics GP Support and Services Blog ( or (

Developing for Dynamics GP Blog (

Dynamics Financial Reporting (

Connector -- Integrating Dynamics ERP with Dynamics CRM (


Inside Microsoft Dynamics GP Official Blog ( -- Old Site

Dynamics GP Support and Services Blog ( -- Old Site

Dynamics CPM (Corporate Performance Management) ( -- Old Site


Microsoft Dynamics GP UK Blog (

Dynamics Latam Blog (

Microsoft Dynamics Partner Community Blog (

BlogMS - Offical Microsoft Team Blogs (

Catherine Eibner MBS Developer Evangelist (Australia) (



Microsoft Dynamics GP Most Valuable Professionals (MVP) Blogs - see list here (old list: here)

Andrew Karasev at Andrew Karasev (

Belinda Allen at Belinda, the GP CSI (

Charles Allen at Dynamics GP Insights (

Christina Phillips at Dynamics GP Land (

Frank Hamelly at GP2theMax (

Ian Grieve at azurecurve (

Ian Stewart at (

Jivtesh Singh at About Dynamics, Development and Life (

John Lowther at Accidental Administrator (

John Lowther at Microsoft Dynamics GP DBA (

Leslie Vail at Dynamics Confessor Blogspot (

Mariano Gomez at The Dynamics GP Blogster (

Mark Polino at (

Mohammad Daoud at Mohammad Daoud (

Monzer Osama at (

Sivakumar Venkataraman at Interesting Findings & Knowledge Sharing (

Victoria Yudin at Victoria Yudin (


Partner, Consultant and Customer Blogs

Aaron Berquist at Aaron Berquist - High Dynamic Range (

Andy Nifong at Andy Nifong (

Beat Bucher at The Dynamics GP Geek Blog (

Constance Gilleland at Q Factor's Blog (

David Musgrave at Winthrop Development Consultants (

David Patrick at Great Plains Guy (

Devon Southall at Dynamics GP Builders & Reporting (

Duke Del Prado at Microsoft Dynamics GP Blog (

Dwight Specht at The Death of Reason (

Feradh Zain at Dynamics GP Middle East (

Habib Salim at DynExtra (

Imtiaz Ahmed at Dynamics GP Blog (

Janakiram M.P. at Dynamics Blogger (

Jen Kuntz at Kuntz Consulting Blog (

Mahmoud M. AlSaadi at Dynamics GP Essentials (

Matt Landis at Dynamics Small Business (

Michael Johnson at MBS Guru (http://mbsguru.blogsp://

Omar H. Kloub at Omar H. Kloub (

Ron Wilson at Real Life Dynamics User Blog (

Rubalpal (Rubal) Kaur at Dynamics GP Help (

Samuel Mathew at Microsoft Dynamics GP Discussion (

Sandip Jadhav at Dynamics GP - Knowledge Share (

Steve Endow at Dynamics GP Land (

Steve Gray at (

Todd McDaniel at Dynamics for Distribution (

Vaidy Mohan at Dynamics GP - Learn & Discuss (

Venugopal G.A. at Dynamics Tips (

Waqas Butt at Waqas Butt's Microsoft Dynamics GP Blog (


Partner Company Blogs

Armanino Dynamics Blog (

BKD Dynamics GP Insights Blog (

eOne Business Solutions Blog (

In Touch with Dynamics (GP) by Touchstone Group (

Merit Matters Blog (

Njevity's Blog (

Rose Business Solutions Blog (

Summit Group Software Blog (


As more blogs are created and discovered I will add the links to this page. Please use the email link at the top of the blog if you are the owner of a blog or know of a blog that should be added to this list.

07-Oct-2008: Added Mohammad Daoud's Blog.

21-Oct-2008: Added Catherine Eibner's Blog.

30-Oct-2008: Added Rose Business Solutions Blog and Merit Matters Blog.

01-Dec-2008: Updated Mohammad Daoud's Blog URL.

02-Dec-2008: Added Frank Hamelly's GP2theMax Blog.

21-Dec-2008: Added Leslie Vail's Dynamics Confessor Blogspot.

26-Dec-2008: Added Sivakumar Venkataraman's Blog.

05-Jan-2009: Added Njevity's Blog.

28-Jan-2009: Added Jivtesh Singh's Custom Search for Dynamics GP Blogs.

10-Feb-2009: Added Feradh Zain's Dynamics GP Middle East Blog.

23-Feb-2009: Added Michael Johnson's MBS Guru Blog.

05-Mar-2009: Added Inside Microsoft Dynamics GP Official Blog.

30-Apr-2009: Added Gloria Braunschweig's ComputerationDynamics Blog.

07-May-2009: Updated Address for Rose Business Solutions Blog.

08-May-2009: Added Microsoft Dynamics Partner Community Blog.

12-May-2009: Added Constance Gilleland's Q Factor's Blog and Matt Landis' Dynamics Small Business Blog.

22-Jul-2009: Added Janakiram M.P.'s DynamicsBlogger Blog.

13-Aug-2009: Added Ian Stewart's Blog and AMLLP Consulting's Dynamics Solution Edge Blog.

16-Oct-2009: Added David Patrick's Great Plains Guy Blog.

20-Oct-2009: Added Dynamics CPM (Corporate Performance Management) Blog.

15-Feb-2010: Added Waqas Butt's Microsoft Dynamics GP Blog.

23-Feb-2010: Added eOne Business Solutions Blog.

29-Mar-2010: Added Ron Wilson's Real Life Dynamics User Blog.

14-Apr-2010: Added Touchstone Group's In Touch with Dynamics (GP) Blog.

04-May-2010: Added Sandip Jadhav's Dynamics GP - Knowledge Share Blog and Andy Nifong's Blog.

26-May-2010: Added Devon Southall's Dynamics GP Builders & Reporting blog and Summit Group Software Blog.

15-Jun-2010: Added Belinda Allen's Belinda, the GP CSI blog.

03-Aug-2010: Added Link to Jivtesh Singh's site.

14-Sep-2010: Added Dynamics Latam MSDN blog.

16-Nov-2010: Added Todd McDaniel's Dynamics for Distribution and Omar H. Kloub's blog sites.

25-Nov-2010: Added Kuntz Consulting Blog by Jen Kuntz.

20-Jan-2011: Added Aaron Berquist - High Dynamic Range blog and Imtiaz Ahmed's Dynamics GP blog.

15-Feb-2011: Updated the URL for Sivakumar Venkataraman's blog and added MyGPSearch link.

29-Mar-2011: Updated the URL for Gloria Braunschweig's blog.

09-Apr-2011: Updated name for Dynamics GP Support and Services blog.

21-Apr-2011: Fixed Link for Rose Business Solutions Dynamics GP blog.

31-May-2011: Added Link for Rubalpal (Rubal) Kaur's Dynamics GP Help blog.

28-Jun-2011: Added Links for Samuel Mathew's Microsoft Dynamics GP Discussion blog and BKD Dynamics Insights blog.

19-Aug-2011: Added Blog section for MVPs, and added Blogs for Andrew Karasev and Monzer Osama. Sorted blog sections into alphabetical order.

07-Sep-2011: Added Link for Ian Grieve's azurecurve blog.

27-Mar-2012: Updated Jankiram's Dynamics Blogger link and added John Lowther's blogs.

13-Apr-2012: Updated Vaidy Mohan's blog link.

08-May-2012: Updated Belinda Allen's blog link.

11-Jun-2012: Updated Dynamics GP Support and Services blog link.

23-Jul-2012: Updated Belinda Allen's link into the MVP section.

25-Oct-2012: Moved John Lowther's blogs into the MVP section.

04-Nov-2013: Moved Ian Grieve's blog into the MVP section and added Mahmoud M. AlSaadi's Dynamics GP Essentials and Venugopal GA's Dynamics Tips blogs.

14-Feb-2014: Updated new locations for Dynamics CPM (now Dynamics Financial Reporting) and Inside Dynamics GP blogs.

11-Mar-2014: Added CRM Connector, Connector -- Integrating Dynamics ERP with Dynamics CRM blog.

15-May-2014: Moved Cristina Phillips to the MVP section.

02-Jul-2014: Updated Armanino Dynamics Blog link.

21-Aug-2014: Added Beat Bucher's Blog.

17-Oct-2014: Added David Musgrave's Blog.

Comments (17)

  1. Since I decided to create a blog a couple of months ago and join the blogsphere, I have found out about

  2. While I am looking around the Blogsphere at all the great content appearing on the various Microsoft

  3. It seems that the blog bug is spreading. Another one of the Microsoft Dynamics GP MVPs has created a

  4. Hi everyone Just a quick note to let you know that a couple of Microsoft Dynamics GP related blogs have

  5. Another one of the Microsoft Dynamics GP MVPs has just created a blog. So welcome to the blogsphere,

  6. Another one of the Microsoft Dynamics GP MVPs has just created a blog. So welcome to the blogsphere,

  7. Just a note that Njevity. Inc. has a blog about Microsoft Dynamics GP,  Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SharePoint at http://www.njevity/com/blog.

  8. David Musgrave says:

    Hi Alan

    I have added the Njevity blog to our lists.


  9. Jivtesh Singh has been busy. With the explosion of Microsoft Dynamics GP blogs it has become much harder

  10. Feradh Zain says:


    Just wanted to join the fun of blogging on my favorite topic – Dynamics GP.

    With more than 15 Dynamics GP Implementation experience in the Gulf, I would like to dedicate this blog to all the users in the Middle East to share their thoughts and comments.


  11. Congratulations to the Microsoft Dynamics GP Product Management and Marketing team on the creation of

  12. Congratulations to the Microsoft Dynamics GP Product Management and Marketing team on the creation of

  13. There have been a number of great articles posted on various Microsoft Dynamics GP Blogs in the last

  14. Ian Stewart says:

    Hi David,

    Thanks for the link! Very much appreciated.


  15. Thanks for linking to my blog, it is very much appreciated.

    Also just started using the Support Debugging tool… very cool and should be very useful.  Thanks for building it.


  16. Tony Pearson says:

    Is Adobe the only PDF software that will work with GP2010? I'm on a budget and I may not be able purchase all the licenses I need. Can a open source PDF be used?

  17. David Musgrave says:

    Hi Tony

    Other PDF "printer" packages can be used to print to a PDF, but at this time only Acrobat can be used for the automatic emailing functionality.



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