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  1. JohnR says:

    Nice post here, David.  I still think you were the one who created Homer’s head.  

    I have a few others you would remember.  Great Plains University, DynamicTools, and of course the short-lived, Great Plains eEnterprise.  

    Talk about blowing the marketing budget!

  2. LeslieVail says:

    How fun! In addition to JohnR’s. I’ll add Small Business Manager (Dynamics Lite – Project Blue) and CS+ to the mix.

  3. LeslieVail says:

    I love this kind of stuff, does anyone have any more?  I’d love it if you would make all of the logo images available for download. Great for my jeopardy game!


  4. veeyeskay says:

    Exceptionally done David. I have been working in GP from v5.5, and you threw the light on the history of GP, which is an amazing fact to know, being in that business . Hats off to you David. You are THE guy… 🙂

  5. Mickie Stamm says:

    This is great, David.  We all got a big kick out of this post, thanks!  I remember the ‘Homer Simpson’ era, Dynamics, eEnterprise.

    That logo will always remind me of the sunflower seeds, we miss those little packages of sunflower seeds!

  6. David Musgrave says:

    Posted for Mariano Gomez:


    Once again, thanks for bring in back exceptional memories from a (not so) distant past. GPU? For you newbies, that’s Great Plains University and yes, it was a vibrant training center of former Great Plains Software. I had to cross half the hemisphere to get there for training from Bogota, Colombia… not the place you want to be in winter.

    On a side note, not sure I really liked the coffee at GPU, ugh!

  7. says:

    This is great!  

    Wasn’t there a separate eEnterprise logo?  A blue/grey e or something?  I looked around, but  could not find it.  And what about SBM/SBF?  Or do we not even count that?  🙂

  8. balasubramonian says:

    Wow. Nice work David. I think, I have seen Gp only from version 7.0 onwards. Its a wonderful thing to actually see the history of the product, that you are working on, over the years.

    Great Job.

  9. LeslieVail says:

    David, I just e-mailed you the e-Enterprise ‘e’ I think Victoria was talking about.

  10. mpolino says:

    Maybe next we could see a "where are they now" video segment on all the people from the various login/splash screens and training manuals. A "Behind the Application" if you will.

    3 ski jumps? I always thought they looked like sails. Not that either one makes much sense in the context of Fargo.


  11. Man, that’s just stinking funny. Thanks for the laugh!

  12. David Musgrave says:

    Comment from Mark Polino’s Blog

    Hi Mark,

    I looked at the blog for the GP Logo’s. It was interesting to see how the earlier logo evolved to the Blue/Yellow logo. That’s probably the one logo that I was familiar with and always wondered what two sticks on a setting sun had to do with the software. Now I see the earlier logo’s had the image of wheat stalks blowing accross the plains. That make more sense.

  13. David Musgrave says:

    Posting on

  14. Vincent Ong says:


    You have to get a copy of the eOrder and eCommerce logos as well! =)


  15. Ruth says:

    This is so hilarious… who would have think that GP is inspired by Homer?

  16. Daphane says:

    Wow David this is definitely a trip to memory lane. I remember that Homer head and GP logo story. Ha ha. Would you believe I still have my pins of the 1995 and 1997 logo!! Hhhmm, I think I may even have the shirts too! Thanks for sharing! 😉

  17. Bob Sterzenbach says:

    I started working with Great Plains on version 3.15.  I thought the logos for both Great Plains and Dexterity were kind of creepy, in a Pink Floyd sort of way.  I was glad when they went with the Homer’s hair version of the logo.  It didn’t make me feel weird. 🙂

  18. For those of you who have been involved with the Great Plains product for a while, you will remember

  19. Microsoft Business Solutions – Great Plains v8.00 was the last version to include a splash.bmp file.

  20. This article is about being nostalgic and fun for those of you whom have been working with Dynamics GP

  21. Irene Boyce says:

    Hi David, you made my Saturday afternoon! No, I don’t have a boring life, just cleaning up some left over emails!  I really enjoyed you blog about the logos it really brought back heaps of memories.  I still have a CD holder with the Great Plains Software logo on it!!  I also fondly remember Homer’s head.  Thanks David.

  22. Skip Reardon says:

    For anyone who has an interest in the "roots" of Dynamics SL (formerly Solomon) – check out the Solomon "museum" –

  23. Enrique says:

    Ahhh those were the days..

    Dynamics supported Mac on the FairCom server.

    Damn thing was fast indeed!

  24. A little while ago I was sent a document which has the release dates for every release of Great Plains/Microsoft

  25. A little while ago I was sent a document which has the release dates for every release of Great Plains

  26. Ian Stewart says:

    Who remembers the ‘Welcome to Dynamics’ wav file that played when you launched….Version 2?…did it carry on in later versions? Is it still available?…I had one customer who never disabled it..and never got sick of hearing it!

    Great post. Lots of memories of pens and coffee mugs collected at Fargo and Doug Burgum arriving on a Harley to Stampede and telling his story about Polynesian sailors. And the FRx breakfasts?

  27. kmachayy says:

    Great posting David. I'll be linking to it tomorrow, Dec 21 (Fargo time zone) on the Dynamics Partner Community blog.

  28. David Musgrave says:

    Posting by Kevin Machayya from the Microsoft Partner Community Blog…/where-were-you-10-years-ago-today-microsoft-to-acquire-great-plains-software-inc.aspx

  29. Debbie Clark says:

    I was an authorized consultant since 1991, and remember ALL the logos.  Boy does it bring back memories!

  30. mgomezb says:

    I've always love this article.

    🙂 don't forget to include a reference to the sister article to this post, GP splash images over the years, at…/gp-splash-bitmap-files-over-years.html

  31. Irene Boyce says:

    Only somebody who is truly passionate about MSDGP would go to this trouble.  Thanks David it is a really interesting and nostalgic look at Great Plains to MSDGP over the years.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Great comment David.  For me when I first certified on Great Plains Accounting DOS v6.0 in 1989 an awful lot has happened since then.  I was in Fargo when Great Plains Dynamics was launched. I remember it as chucky peanut butter.  Really smooth but with a few lumps. It got better after version 2.0. Really appreciate the effort of history you have put in.  Well done.

  33. Katrina Wolinski says:

    Actually, I started working at Great Plains in 1981, and we had the logo then. There was an earlier logo, similar to the first logo you displayed, that was developed by Steve Larson, brother-in-law to the founder. The very first logo was “Great Plains Computers,” as the company started originally as a computer store for Apple 2s. (Didn’t take them long to realize that software development would help them sell the computers… and soon the computer sales were gone.)

    I just ran into someone today who uses Great Plains software — I’m glad to hear you are still producing a good product. I had a lot of fun there, back in my day…

    1. Hi Katrina

      Great to hear from an “old timer”. I have met quite a few of the early team members over the years.

      Hope you enjoyed the trip down memory lane.


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