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The Report Writer Articles & Links page and the Developer Toolkit Article & Links page have been updated with links to useful Knowledge Base (KB) articles and training materials.

Also included are links to the download pages for the various components of the Developer Toolkit.

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  1. Debbie Collins says:

    Trying to get the Collector ID from Collection Management to print on the Dynamics RM Statements. I have added the report to VBA and have the select set up but I do not receive any information when I run the report. HELP!!

  2. Nancy Cohen says:

    Hi I have a check that is display the text amount in the appropriate reporting currency with using the proper exchange rate however the check amount in numbers is showing the us dollars amount so the two are different, not too good. It seems I should use the function RW_ConvertToReportingCurrency but am unsure how to populate the parameters and am struggling to find an example for this. Do you have a suggestion? Am I on the right track to even use this function to resolve my problem. Any advice is appreciated, Thanks.

  3. David Musgrave says:

    Hi Nancy

    Wouldn't it make sense to use the Multicurrency Cheques add on module?

    The parameters for RW_ConvertToReportingCurrency() are:

    function returns currency cyReportingAmt;

    in 'Print Currency In' nPrintCurrencyIn;

    in currency cyFunctionalAmt;

    in 'Rate Calculation Method' nRateCalcMethod;

    in 'Reporting Exchange Rate' cyReptExchRate;

    This will convert the amount, but you will still have to format it correctly.


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