Report Writer Articles & Links

This is a page to provide links to Report Writer related articles and materials.

Troubleshooting Knowledge Base (KB) Articles

How to use and troubleshoot Report Writer in Microsoft Dynamics GP (KB 861803) Secure Link

How to re-create the Reports.dic file in Microsoft Dynamics GP (KB 850465) Secure Link


Report Writer Functions Knowledge Base (KB) Articles 

How to access information about Report Writer functions in the Microsoft Dynamics GP SDK (KB 928172) Secure Link

How to use Customization Maintenance packages to enable Great Plains Report Writer functions from a 3rd party report dictionary (KB 862665) Secure Link

How to display a date in any format in a report in Microsoft Dynamics GP (KB 925970) Secure Link

How to round a calculated field in Report Writer in Microsoft Dynamics GP (KB 872275) Secure Link

How to display a string label instead of an integer representation of a radio group in Microsoft Dynamics GP (KB 926393) Secure Link


Graphics Knowledge Base (KB) Articles

How to add a graphic to a Report Writer report (KB 855288) Secure Link

How to prevent the image quality of a graphic from being reduced when you print a graphic from Report Writer in Microsoft Dynamics GP (KB 854470) Secure Link


Fonts Knowledge Base (KB) Articles 

Font used when Best Text Fit is marked (KB 849370) Secure Link

How to control the printer font size in Great Plains (KB 869078) Secure Link

Printer Fonts Selected by Dynamics (KB 870341) Secure Link


Other Knowledge Base (KB) Articles 

Copying The Layout From a Modified Invoice to an Unmodified Invoice in version 6.0 (KB 856003) Secure Link

Formats Not Exported to .Package Files (KB 851092) Secure Link


Extender Knowledge Base (KB) Articles

How to create a calculated field in Report Writer to print Extender fields in Microsoft Dynamics GP reports (KB 935385) Secure Link


Training Materials

Report Writer in Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0 Secure Link

Direct download of archive file

Note: The training materials are for version 9.0. Don't worry, this is the latest version and everything is still valid for later versions of Microsoft Dynamics GP and Dexterity.


26-Apr-2011: Added direct link to training materials.

Comments (20)

  1. The Report Writer Articles & Links page and the Developer Toolkit Article & Links page have been

  2. LeslieVail says:

    KB 926393 refers to "the Report Writer Programmer’s Interface document in the Software Development Kit". The only document I’m aware of in the SDK is the RW_Func.doc that you wrote.  Is this what the KB is talking about or is there another reference out there somewhere?

  3. David Musgrave says:

    Hi Leslie

    That’s the one.  I will be adding a posting on Report Writer functions and will include the document and also a package that demonstrates most of the functions in use.

  4. During my time in the partner channel, I worked with a number of consultants who had a number of problems

  5. When printing Text Reports for Microsoft Dynamics GP to a laser printer they are usually printed using

  6. Over the years I have had many requests for training on the various tools available for customising or

  7. George says:


    Good posts…

    But I’m a new one in this, and want to know, How could I do to link a new Report with a buttom in Dynamics GP?

    I mean I created a new Report but can’t find the way to link them…

  8. David Musgrave says:

    Hi George

    You did not mention the tool that you are using.

    If using Dexterity, use the run report command.

    If using VBA, look at the following sample which uses pass through Dexterity sanScript with the run report command.


  9. Dan Greer says:

    How can I add a virtual table so Report Writer can see it in the table lookups?

  10. David Musgrave says:

    Hi Dan

    As far as I know a virtual table cannot been referenced from a table relationship so you could not add it to a report.  

    Using VBA, you can access data from any table or SQL View. Have a look at


    PS: There are only 2 virtual tables in v10.00 Dynamics.dic anyway.

  11. lauran13 says:

    Have you been able to create a GP payables check to print on legal size check stock stub-check-stub-check by modifying the check layout in Report Writer?

  12. David Musgrave says:

    Hi Lauran

    Can’t say I have ever tried.  I would suggest you ask on the newsgroups/forums.

    If you are having a specific problem, make sure you explain what it is in your post.



  13. nmacdonald says:

    Hi…I am trying to link a UDF to a report.  Specifically, I want to add Receivings UDF Text 1 to the check stub as a description of the voucher. So far all my attempts have been unsuccsssful.  Can you point me toward some sample code or a sample explanation on how to do this?



  14. David Musgrave says:

    Hi Neil

    Can I suggest that you ask this type of question on the newsgroups where others can answer and also where others can benefit. There are links on the left hand side of this blog.

    When you post, please let us know the exact report name so we can work out if it will be possible to create a chain of table relationships to the POP_Receipt (Purchasing Receipt Work) and POP_ReceiptUserDefined (Purchasing Receipt User-Defined) tables.  If not, you can also look at VBA to directly acess the POP_ReceiptUserDefined (POP10306) table via ADO & SQL.


  15. Marcos says:

    Hello David, do you know how to call SQL Reporting Services from Dexterity?



  16. Arnold says:

    Hi there!

    Is it possible to set the paper size of the report? I have design three different report with three different paper size



  17. David Musgrave says:

    Hi Arnold

    I answered your similar question when you asked on another post.

    You cannot define paper size in the report writer.

    However, you can define custom page sizes is most printer drivers. Dexterity reads the page size from the printer driver. I would suggest using Named Printers to select the printer and/or adjust settings.


  18. Charles says:

    Hi David,

    Is it possible to display bank account details e.g bank account number or code in check remmitance advice(CB_Check_Remittance)?

    I woud really appreicate your input.



  19. David Musgrave says:

    Hi Charles

    Blog comments are not the best method of providing support. I suggest you try the newsgroups or forums.

    Also have a look at the following articles as they show methods of getting data onto a report when it is not possible to create a relationship to the appropriate table.  Any data stored in a table can be accessed and added to a report.…/using-ado-with-vba-with-report-writer.aspx…/how-to-add-item-category-long-descriptions-to-reports-using-the-support-debugging-tool.aspx


  20. Wassim says:


    Do you know of a technique in Report Writer to print fields from an Extender Form rather than from an Extender Window?



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