Episode 2 of #StartupLife: Board Shorts and Neckties

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Does this scene look familiar to you? You're midway through your typical start-up dinner when you remember a Skype meeting you can't be late for. The lines between work and personal life become blurred, non-existent really, when you're leading the start-up lifestyle. Fortunately, working in the start-up world has afforded you some skills that come in handy in a moment like this. Apply a little resourcefulness, sprinkle in a dash of ingenuity and...voilà! The board shorts and necktie look is born.

This is the second video in our series (check out our fist post: Real Start-ups Run on Ramen) and it was inspired by @RHolmes4 who posted the tweet below. Rich knows that as a start-up, duty calls at all hours of the day and being in your pajamas doesn't have to stop you.



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