Build Your First #IoT Project: Hello Blinky

This project is part of our #idevthis series where we listen to what developers are most interested in and then share tutorials to make it easy to participate in the latest trends. Share your finished project or just tell us what you're most excited about using the #idevthis hashtag on Twitter. 


Learn how to create a new project, configure Visual Studio for Deployment and Debugging, and learn how to use General Purpose IO using Wiring with this quick project for controlling an LED.

Before you start:

What you need:

You can get all of these items in a box from the Windows Developer Program for IoT

  • Intel Galileo
  • Power Adapter
  • SD card case containing a microSD card in an SD card adapter
  • Ethernet cable
  • an LED
  • USB to Ethernet adapter

Step-by-step guide to build this project.

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