New blog: Papers in Computer Science

Hey all - I apologize for the (extremely) long period of no updates, I've been prioritizing other things. I've been accepted this Fall to begin my Ph.D. at University of California, Berkeley. Since I won't be at Microsoft any longer, I've started a new blog with a new focus and more regular updates called Papers in Computer Science at WordPress, and I've posted my first post to it:

My summary from the introduction post: "Papers in Computer Science (originally called A CS Paper a Day)
is a blog for abstracts and brief summaries and discussions about
published computer science articles. I’ll cover a variety of areas,
focus on some of the most interesting and important papers in each one,
and I’ll try to explain them to a general computer science audience
without specialist background. Because most of these are available
online, many of them without cost, readers can consult the original
paper for more information if they’re interested."

I hope anyone interested in reading more of my stuff will take a look at Papers in Computer Science and leave comments. Thank you all for your patronage!

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