Presenting our “Moderator of the Month” for June 2013 – Minsu Jung (정민수)

Minsu has been a prolific and energetic participant since joining our Translation Wiki community at the beginning of this year. After working as an embedded SW developer for about six years, he’s been with EN-CORE as a DB application developer for Windows with MFC for over a year.

Minsu’s initial interest in moving from a Translation Wiki contributor into the moderator role was to increase efficiency through the ability to approve his own translations. He realized this also motivated him to make more contributions.

Minsu had the following to say about how his interest in Translation Wiki developed:

“I frequently visited the MSDN Library to clarify areas that weren’t entirely clear to me, but found it difficult to quickly find the information I needed in the English site. I began writing down Korean translations for my own personal use, which was useful, but also a lot of work and not particularly interesting.

“I eventually found Translation Wiki and began contributing translation suggestions. They unfortunately weren’t approved very quickly so I couldn’t see my translation improvements applied to the library. I also noticed translations from other people were pending approval, so I became interested in becoming a moderator for Korean.

“The best reward for me is to think that someone else gets the help they need because of one of my translations.”

What a great attitude of service! We thank you sincerely for your contributions, Minsu. We look forward to your future efforts, and wish you all the best in all of your endeavors.

Minsu’s MSDN profile is


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