Azure IoT Developer: How to connect your IoT devices with Azure IoT client libraries?

One of the challenges to developing an IoT solution is getting devices connected to the cloud. Join this session presented by Oliver Bloch, to learn how Microsoft is helping our partners and customers to accelerate time-to-deployment through client offerings that connect to both Azure IoT Suite and Azure IoT Hub.     Hope this helps.


Training: Developing Cloud Solutions with Azure Training Course

I found this interesting five-day training course is designed for Software Developers & Architects. It’s aimed to introduce the students to developing cloud based applications using Microsoft Azure and the Azure .NET SDK. This course covers key compute technologies such as virtual machines, cloud services, and App Services, as well as teaches how to build…


Azure Dev TestLabs for Developers and testers…

Azure DevTest Labs provides developers and testers a self-service sandbox environment to quickly create Dev/Test environments while minimizing waste and controlling costs. This lab provides lot of benefits including creating, configuring, and managing developer and test environments in the Azure cloud. Using this service the developers and testers quickly create environments in Azure while minimizing…


Use Microsoft IT Pro Cloud Essentials & get access to cloud services, education, support, for free!!

Microsoft IT Pro Cloud Essentials is a free annual subscription which includes cloud services, education, and support benefits. IT Pro Cloud Essentials provides IT Implementers with hands-on experience, targeted educational opportunities, and access to experts in areas that matter most to increase knowledge and create a path to career advancement.With IT Pro Cloud Essentials, you…


Understand Analytics in-detail with Application Insights

Application Insights is an extensible analytics service that monitors your live application. It helps you detect and diagnose performance issues, and understand what users actually do with your app. It’s designed for developers, to help you continuously improve the performance and usability of your app. Simply, you install a small SDK in your application, and…


GA: Azure Stream Analytics, Power BI general availability

Today we announced the general availability (GA) of the integration between Azure Stream Analytics and Power BI. With this capability you can create interactive real-time dashboards for streaming data from devices, sensors, infrastructure and even your business applications. – Azure Stream Analytics lets you rapidly develop and deploy low-cost solutions to gain real-time insights from…


Download: Azure Architecture poster

Now you can download Azure Architecture poster here. It provides an overview of Azure features, services and common uses. Hope this helps.


Azure Developer: Corrupted cache files causing the service fabric to broke in Visual Studio

Recently I worked with one of the Azure developer customer and he reported that the latest version of Service Fabric from Web Platform Installer throws error/broke Service Fabric support in Visual Studio. He notice the following error:They see this error when creating a new service fabric project. He tried uninstalling and reinstalling the SDK but…


JSON Support is available in Azure SQL Database (preview)

JSON functionalities are available in Azure SQL Database (preview). You can use new JSON functionalities to integrate Azure SQL Database with other services that exchange data in the JSON format. For more info, you can refer the related documentation. With the new JSON functionalities, you can do the following: Read data from JSON text by…