Custom CDO app throws error CDO_E_FAILED_TO_CONNECT

Recently I was working with a customer (at his Windows XP) where his CDO app (CDOSEND.vbs – given below) is failing to send email and throws the error “CDO_E_FAILED_TO_CONNECT” (you can refer the below given Output also). We tried setting CONFIG parameters like user name, SLL, password – but it doesn’t help. Code Snippet: Option…

SMTP Commands Part # 3 – List of Server reply codes

When we execute the SMTP command, we’ll receive a reply from the mail server in the form of a three digit number followed by information describing the reply. For example, 250 OK Please find the list of reply codes from the Server. 211  A system status or help reply. 214  Help Message. 220  The server is ready….


SMTP Commands Part # 2 – Using Telnet on port 25 to test SMTP communication

Please find the following steps and SMTP commands to test SMTP communication using Telnet on Port 25. 1.                   At a command prompt, type telnet, and then press ENTER. This command opens the Telnet session. 2.                   Type set localecho and then press ENTER. This optional command lets you view the characters as you type them. This setting…


SMTP Commands Part # 1- List of SMTP Commands

Please find the list of SMTP commands and its definitions, which can be used on multiple places. For example it can be used to check event SMTP sinks by sending mails. SMTP commands SMTP command Command function HELO Sent by a client to identify itself, usually with a domain name. EHLO Enables the server to…