Outlook 2010 Developer Series: Developing a Real Outlook Social Connector Provider

The Outlook Social Connector is a set of new features to help keep track of your friends and colleagues while enabling you to grow your professional network. The Outlook Social Connector is available now as part of the Microsoft Office 2010. The Outlook Social Connector (OSC) brings social views of your colleagues and friends right…

Client Shutdown in MAPI (Outlook 2010 fast shutdown)

I am sharing this as couple of my customers were enquiring is there any changes or effects of Client Shutdown in MAPI (Outlook 2010 fast shutdown).  MAPI clients can shut down the same way as before, or if needed, they can use fast shutdown. In Outlook 2010, MAPI subsystem provides the IMAPIClientShutdown : IUnknown interface….

Gotcha : PowerShell questions

I composed couple of Windows PowerShell questions: Can you create your own PowerShell object? We can write a Cmdlet, but we have to do that with a .NET Framework language such as C# or VB.NET. Can we create a.BAT file using PowerShell? No. But we can create PowerShell scripts, which have a .PS1 file extension…