Troubleshooting: Outlook Social Connector Provider error codes

Outlook Social Connector providers should return errors to the caller. Please note that Success, warning, and error values are returned by using a 32-bit number that is called a result handle, or HRESULT. An HRESULT is not a handle to anything; it is merely a 32-bit value that has several fields encoded in the value….


New Outlook Hotmail Connector 14.0 (Outlook Connector) for Outlook 2010 Beta

I am an avid fan of using MS Outlook connector with previous versions of Outlook. Earlier when i was using Outlook Connector 12.1, i can manage my Windows Live Hotmail e-mail, calendar, and contacts from within Outlook.  Recently i read blog post by Alessio, that MS had announced the Beta release of Microsoft Outlook Hotmail…


Outlook Errors : General Errors – Part # 2

Receive error when you press F9 to send and receive e-mail in Outlook 2007 & Cached Exchange Mode: You use Cached Exchange Mode in Microsoft Office Outlook 2007. Additionally, you use the DownloadOAB registry value to prevent the automatic download of the offline address book (OAB). When you press F9 to send and receive e-mail…

Review: Microsoft Office Outlook Connector

I checked with the tool called "Microsoft Office Outlook Connector", this time. What it’s used for? If you have Windows Live Hotmail or Office Live mail accounts and want to use with Outlook 2003 or Outlook 2007, through this tool you can access the data. What services supported? You can access and manage your Windows…


How to manage all email accounts with Microsoft Outlook 2003/2007?

Now you can manage all your email accounts with Microsoft Outlook 2003 / 2007? That also free. How it’s possible?  With the Outlook Connector, you can view your Windows Live Hotmail e-mail in Outlook alongside your other e-mail accounts.   Outlook Connector provides a free solution for managing your Windows Live Hotmail e-mail and contacts from within…