Office Developer: Microsoft Office 2010 Interactive Developer Map

Are you looking for Office 2010 Developer map? Here we go….The Microsoft Office 2010 Interactive Developer Map is a Silverlight application that helps developers visualize the different kinds of applications, services, client/server data-access technologies, on-premise servers, platform products and technologies, and tools that can help developers build multiple line-of-business solutions. The map provides links to…

Coding practices : Outlook automation using VB.Net

You can try when you do programming with VB.Net and Outlook automation: When you start automation code by declaring object variables with a specific object type that represents the top-level object and then declaring any child objects you want to reference. Dim olApp As Outlook.Application You then create an instance of the top-level object by…

Where i can find the Macros & Visual Basic Editor in new Microsoft Outlook 2010?

Couple of Outlook 2010 beta users reported that they can’t find the old VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) and Visual Basic Editor in new Outlook 2010? Whether the feature is removed? With respect to my last blog post, VBA is available with Outlook 2010. Let me explain in-detail. We know about how Outlook 2010 applications…


Outlook 2010 : Outlook Object Model enhancements & Changes

Outlook Object Model Changes Per Randy’s reference, the Outlook object model has new objects, properties, methods, and events that support new Outlook 2010 features programmatically. Other improvements to the object model address frequent developer requests for specific changes to the Outlook platform.