Developer: Office 365 APIs and Mobile App Development

Office 365 is built on a mobile-first strategy. Office runs on almost any device these days, so why not your own custom applications? In this session, find out how you can build powerful Office 365 connected applications for any mobile platform. Hope this helps.

Developer: How to use Github for Windows users?

If you’re a Developer who is curious about Git and GitHub, be sure to check out this GitHub training. Join experts Briana Swift and Jeremy Foster for a look at basic Git and GitHub concepts, and see why millions of Developers use the fast and flexible dev process fostered by GitHub. Take a look at…


Training: Advanced Office Add-in Development with Outlook

All of us spend a significant amount of time in email. Want to see how to build custom mail add-ins that can deliver a more productive experience in Outlook? Check out this session, and get ready to make mail better through add-ins. In this session “Advanced Office Add-in Development with Outlook”, you can learn how…

Virtual Classroom : Building Web Apps with ASP.NET Jump Start

Hi there, You can join this Jump Start session provided by Microsoft Virtual Academy – it’s tailored for experienced application developers interested in leveraging ASP.NET and Visual Studio 2012 to offer modern apps that target modern browsers. Two of Microsoft’s most seasoned ASP.NET speakers, Scott Hanselman and Jon Galloway, will provide an accelerated introduction to…