Cloud Developer: Office 365 REST API returns 401 access denied with an error code of “invalid_token”

In recent times i worked with this cloud developer (Azure AD, Office 365 REST API) where they created a custom application. It uses (Calendar, Contact, Mail APIs) to pull items from the specified user mailbox. Intermittently they see “401 Access Denied” followed by error code “invalid_token” from the API. During the investigation, we noticed that…


MAPI: How to programmatically get autocomplete cache/entries for OWA 2013?

In continuation of my earlier post, I got few additional queries how to programmatically (using MAPI) get autocomplete cache/entries for OWA 2013. I used latest MFCMAPI as a code sample to achieve this. Download latest MFCMAPI from Select “Session” Menu > Select “Logon” > select profile > Open the “store” > select  “Root Container”…


Where does autocomplete gets stored in OWA?

There is always a related question regarding autocomplete feature on OWA. In outlook the auto complete gets stored in *.NK2. Where does it store for OWA ? The Auto Complete cache is stored as part of the user’s profile on the Exchange Server.


Monitoring Event Sink # 32 - Best Practices: Performance related issues with Event sinks

I would like to share certain best practices – in order to improve the performance or overcome performance related issues associated with event sink and Programming guidelines for event sinks before you develop for your reference. Exchange store events do not by themselves generate Windows Event Log entries. The underlying ExOLEDB provider generates performance counters…