Azure/Office 365 Graph API developer: RefreshToken, AccessToken, IdentityToken

These are 3 common terms (Refresh Token, Access Token, Identity Token) in Azure/Office 365 Graph API Cloud developer world and we get tons of queries on this. So let me try to explain them in simple terms … Access Token:- The access token is attached to every REST API request in the authorization header. -…


Developer: Office 365 APIs and Mobile App Development

Office 365 is built on a mobile-first strategy. Office runs on almost any device these days, so why not your own custom applications? In this session, find out how you can build powerful Office 365 connected applications for any mobile platform. Hope this helps.


Office 365 Dev: Connecting Microsoft Graph with Visual Studio 2017

If you have connected Microsoft Graph with previous Visual Studio to build application, then you can do the same steps with latest Visual Studio 2017 preview as well. Using Visual Studio, you can now easily configure your projects to access data across Office 365 and Azure Active Directory through the Microsoft Graph. – First you…