Developer: Office 365 APIs and Mobile App Development

Office 365 is built on a mobile-first strategy. Office runs on almost any device these days, so why not your own custom applications? In this session, find out how you can build powerful Office 365 connected applications for any mobile platform. Hope this helps.


Office Developer: Difference between Office Web addin vs COM/VSTO addin

COM or VSTO add-ins are earlier Office integration solutions that run only on Office for Windows. The major difference what you see is that COM addins will be running in the user device or in the Office Client. The new Office Add-ins don’t involve code that runs on the user’s device or in the Office…

Understand more about Office.js, it’s add-in runtime environment and Internet Explorer protected mode!!

In addition to the earlier blog post, you can refer the following: – Microsoft Office addins using the Apps for Office platform are designed to run in isolation, using a low rights sandbox. – Several features, such as the task pane view, use web views provided using Internet Explorer APIs.  – To ensure these components…

Debug: Outlook office addin (apps for office) fails to load, errors out

Recently one of my developer customer reported that he designed a new Outlook addin (apps for office) which fails to load and it throws the error “This app could not be started. Close this dialog to ignore the problem or click “Restart” to try again.” During troubleshooting we noticed that this issue occur because protected…