Developer: Office Add-ins community call @ April 10, 2019

The Office Add-ins community call is our monthly event for developers to connect in real-time with the folks who are building the Office JavaScript APIs. We’ll share updates about new Office JavaScript APIs, provide tips about useful tools, samples, and resources for developing Office Add-ins, and feature a technical deep dive on a specific topic….


Developer: Outlook COM Add-in and Large Address Aware

Starting from build 16.0.8528.2147 (Version 1709) of the 32-bit version of Outlook 2016 for Windows has been updated to be Large Address Aware (LAA). This increases the maximum address space available to Outlook from 2 GB to 4 GB when it is running on a 64-bit version of Windows. This is key to improved graphics…


Office.js debug: Office add-in throws “Sorry, we couldn’t load the app because your browser version is not supported”

One of the ISV pointed out that they see the following error with Office Add-ins that they develop. It throws error “Sorry, we couldn’t load the app because your browser version is not supported. Click here for a list of supported browser versions.” During the investigation we noticed the end user’s browser (Internet Explorer) is…

Office.js web add-in throws HTTP 401 Unauthorized

One of my dev customer, created Outlook Web add-in (using Office.js/JavaScript) and tried calling EWS call (mailbox.makeEWSRequestAsync method). It throws HTTP error 401 for mailbox.makeEWSRequsetAsync() method. They noticed the error or behaviour when they tested with Outlook on the Web and Outlook Web Access for devices. The API call throws, the following HTTP error: “The…