Microsoft Graph REST API Developer – Getting list of locales, languages supported for the user mailbox

Using Microsoft Graph REST API, you can get the list of locales and languages that are supported for the user, as configured on the user’s mailbox server. You need to use OutlookUser resource type, which represents the Outlook services available to a given user. Request: RequestHeader: Authorization, Bearer/Token is required Response:If successful, this method returns…


Microsoft Graph, Office 365 and .Net Developer

As you aware Microsoft Graph provides a powerful and consistent API for data in Office 365, Azure Active Directory and beyond. With it, you can access key data across organizations. Whether you’re looking to add some simple smarts to your app, like enhanced people pickers or file attachments from OneDrive, or looking to build enterprise…


Part # 2 {Office Insider} – Getting early access to new Office 2016 features to the Office 365 Commercial customers

Adding this is in continuation of my earlier post. If you’re the admin for an organization that has an Office 365 commercial subscription plan that includes Office, such as Office 365 ProPlus, you can provide your users with early access to new features of Office 2016 for Windows desktops by opting into the First Release…


Yay, my MSDN blog listed in a book!!

One of my Exchange/Office 365 developer customer shared this with me – that my MSDN blog (updated blog is is listed in Exchange book along with other star Exchange bloggers/communities.  Wow moment. Thank you so much @John Paul Mueller Written by John Paul Mueller, published by Wiley @ October 2008 and here is the…


Scripting: Send email using Powershell and System.Net.Mail API

You can send email using System.Net.Mail API & PowerShell scripting. It’s easy, faster!! Lets try… Why Powershell? PowerShell is the automation platform and scripting language for Windows and Windows Server that allows you to simplify the management of your systems. Unlike other text-based shells, PowerShell harnesses the power of the .NET Framework, providing rich objects…


Office 365 Developer: Mail, Calendar, Contacts REST APIs and Hybrid Exchange

If you’re an Azure/Office 365 application developer, then this session is for you. In this Office 365 Developer session (as part of Redmond Interoperability Protocols Plugfest 2017), Deepak Singh, Program Manager, delivered presentation on Mail, Calendar, and Contacts REST APIs and Hybrid Exchange. Please make use of it.

Fixed: In Exchange Hybrid scenario Microsoft Graph REST API query fails due to $select $top $skips commands ignored

Recently i was working with an app developer who’s using Microsoft Graph REST API in their application. They try to query contacts for Exchange 2016 CU5 on premises in a hybrid + Office 365 environment (they had one single mailbox setup in Office 365). When they tested the Graph API query with $select, $top, $skips…


Office 365 Developer: Using People API with Microsoft Graph v1.0

Microsoft Graph provides access to useful people data. You can use the person resource and the People API to aggregate information about a person from across mail, contacts, and social networks. The results are ordered by their relevance based on multiple communication and collaboration patterns and business relationships. The API lets you browse, sort, select,…


Part #1 {Office Insider} Gotcha: Be an Office Insider

Good number of my developer customers/ISVs asking about “Microsoft Office Insider”, “what is it” and “where to getting started” – so i am sharing the related info. As you aware that Microsoft Office is available around the world, and we’re continuously hard at work on exclusive monthly upgrades and new features for Office 365 subscribers….


Use Microsoft Graph API to reach on-premises, cloud users of hybrid Exchange 2016

As you aware, Office 365 and Exchange Online provide a new way to work with email, calendars, and contacts. The Mail, Calendar, and Contact REST APIs provide a powerful, easy-to-use way to access and manipulate Exchange data. In this video, you will see Venkat, Principal Program Manager lead will walk you through how to use…


Video: Creating apps using Microsoft Graph & Visual Studio 2017

In this video, Michael Mainer, Senior Community Engineer talks about how you can connect Microsoft Graph with latest Visual Studio 2017. You will learn how to use the Microsoft Graph API SDK for .NET to build your next integration with Office 365, including an updated Visual Studio experience. Hope this helps.

Office 365 Graph Developer : Lets use Microsoft Graph Delta Query…

As you aware that Microsoft Graph provides a single API endpoint that gives you access to rich people-centric data and insights, via a number of resources like users and messages. Many applications need to keep track of what’s changing in these data sets, and we recently added support for delta query across a variety of…

MAPI Developer: Download latest MFCMAPI from the Github

As you aware that MFCMAPI provides access to MAPI stores to facilitate investigation of Exchange and Outlook issues and to provide developers with a sample for MAPI development. If you look to download the latest MFCMAPI (x86/x64) then you can get it from the Github @ Hope this helps.