TechEd 2012: Few Exchange 2010 sessions that I attended…

Session # 1: An Inside View of Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 SP2: Exchange Server 2010 SP2 was released at the end of 2011; it brought some fantastic new features that I like. In this session, you can hear from the Product Group about OWA Mini, the Hybrid Configuration Wizard, OWA Cross Site Silent Redirection, GAL segmentation, Address Book Policies. This session also gives a view about general process that the product group uses to create service packs and rollups. Nice Session…

Session # 2: Exchange Server 2010 SP2 Tips & tricks: This session talks about the Exchange Server Tips & Tricks presentation. You can learn how to get more out of Exchange 2010 SP2 in this session, filled with new tips and tricks specific to SP2.

Watch the sessions and make use of it. Enjoy!!

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  1. ExDev says:

    Hi Deva, Nice job. Have you ever thought why you need to evangalize like this? Most of the people across the globe might not aware there are certain things happen. I work as Exchange admin for last 8+ years; the above session – especially "Tips" session really impressed and above clearly updated how roll-ups are getting readied/pushed. Thanks for letting us know this. Do this actively and feed us more. Good job, pal.

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