Video: Role of a Software Architect in today’s world

Recently viewed this interview - Brian Prince, Principal Developer Evangelist at Microsoft, and Juval Lowy, Software Architect & Principal at IDesign as they discuss the role of an architect in today's world. Juval breaks down how the role of an architect has evolved over the years from applying engineering principles and practices to software systems to now also taking an active leadership role in the process and in technology. Today's architect does less of showing developers "how-to" but instead showing more what to do in specific scenarios.

I like the following excerpts which I liked from the interview: “you can copy and paste the code but are you know whether this is right to do in your context”, “architect should constant likely at the technical aspect of the project”. This is a great interview to catch if you're headed down this career path!

Click here to view the video:

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  1. James says:

    Great post from two experienced minds. This article has focused on defining the characteristics of a software architect and importance of the role. Well done!!

  2. SmallMinds says:

    Awesome video!! But i want to defer with couple of them. Some of the responsibilities mentioned above are sometimes not handled solely by the architect. Instead, they may be handled by a project manager, an interaction designer or a business analyst. That’s all good and well if you have those roles in your project. Any large project would. What I am trying to say is that you, as the architect, must continuously communicate with all of these functions (and certainly several more) to get to the form of your project. Some things you just have to know about your domain in order to be a good architect. One good thing to know is who your friends are in the organization. Everything that I’ve written above has to matter to you as an architect! You can’t be a great architect if you don’t honestly and truly care.

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