How to get the EWS endpoint URL from Outlook 2007/2010?

You can try the following steps to get the EWS endpoint URL from Outlook 2007 or 2010:

  • CTRL+Right click the Outlook icon in the notification area in the lower right-hand area of the screen. You can notice the following window:


  • Select Test E-mail Auto configuration.
  • Enter your email address and password.
  • Select the Use AutoDiscover box (you can uncheck the other boxes).
  • Select the Test button.


  • In the results window, you can see the Availability Service URL  Smile
Comments (6)
  1. Justin says:

    I dont have the test email autoconfiguration selection. What do I do now?

  2. Deva [MSFT] says:

    Justin, What version of Outlook you're using?

  3. Justin says:

    I got it to come up, all I had to do was to follow the instructions (sorry I didnt read it close enough.)

    However when I ran the test it says… "Autoconfiguration was unable to determine your settings!"

    Any suggestions??

  4. Nathan Wood says:

    If you have your companies Oulook Web access addess (i.e.

    Then try the following address for your endpoint:…/exchange.asmx

    My companies outlook web access address is formatted:

    Their endpoint address is:…/exchange.asmx

    Hope this is of help to someone who struggled like me, and where autoconfig would fail

  5. Shailesh says:

    How can I find the endpoint url through the OWA

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