Code named ‘Windows 8’

Earlier this year at CES 2011, MS announced that the next version of Windows will run on System-on-Chip (SoC) architectures. It revealed more about how every level of Windows architecture is being reimagined, specifically details around how we are thinking about the user interface & new generation of touch-centric hardware. Some time earlier, we showcased the next generation of Windows at D9 conference, code named “Windows 8”.

You can have a look at the below video introduces a few of the basic elements of the new user interface, titled Building "Windows 8" – Video #1.

View in stand-alone player (.mp4)

If you’re a developer you can sign-up for our developer event called BUILD: Windows in September to get more about the platform.

What way to start with…

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  1. TechGadget says:

    Wow. Its pretty nice!! When is it getting launched? Is it just targetted for PC or targetted for tablet/mobiles too?

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