Migration: 500,000 Windows Live Spaces blogs migrated to WordPress.com

Recently we heard the announcement regarding Microsoft Windows Live Spaces blogs working with WordPress.com to let customers connect the fantastic blogging capabilities of WordPress with the leading communications and sharing services of Windows Live.

Per Dharmesh Mehta, Director of Windows Live Product Management, as of today, just over half a million Spaces blogs have now migrated to WordPress.com. On top of that, nearly half a million additional Windows Live customers have decided to create entirely new blogs on WordPress.com.  And for each of those nearly 1 million new people now blogging on WordPress.com, there are, of course, many more new blog visitors also now going to WordPress.com. 

People are continuing to migrate their Spaces blogs over to WordPress.com, and to those of you who haven’t gotten around to it yet, we want to remind you that you’ll need to do so before March 2011.

As part of this partnership, we’re helping customers to migrate their existing Windows Live Spaces blogs over to WordPress.com. Also we’re using the power of Messenger Connect to help customers share their blog posts with their Messenger friends.

I too migrated my Windows Live site to WordPress.com Smile

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