Happy first anniversary, Windows 7

Do you know Windows 7 turns one on Oct. 22? Happy first anniversary, Windows 7!!

In the space of a year, the company sold more than 240 million licenses, a record for a Microsoft operating system’s first year. Windows 7 – it’s been a busy year. Since the new operating system launched worldwide a year ago, Microsoft has sold more than 240 million licenses.

Windows 7 at One Year

People are four times more likely to recommend Windows 7 to a colleague or friend than they were a year ago, and in its first five months, the number of IT professionals recommending Windows 7 surpassed those recommending Windows XP.

In addition, as Windows 7 marks its one-year anniversary, it:

• Has sold more than 240 million licenses worldwide

• Has a customer satisfaction rate of 94%*

• Is on more than 1.2 billion Windows PCs worldwide

• Is on 93 percent of new consumer PCs, as of September

• Has over 17 percent of the global operating system share**

• Has inspired nearly 90 percent of companies to upgrade or start upgrading to the new OS

• On average, can save companies US$140 per PC per year, and a 131 percent return on investment in the first year

* Lifehacker

** Net Applications, October 1, 2010

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