KB : Outlook Object Model (OOM) limitations

I found this knowledge base article which talks about known limitation you may encounter with the Microsoft Outlook Object model. I found this interesting excerpt, “…unlike other Microsoft Office programs that have “full” object models, such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel, the Outlook object model primarily focuses on items and the folders in which they're contained. This means that while you can manipulate items, forms, and certain aspects of folders, many of the commands or settings that are available through the user interface are not available when programming. The Outlook object model does not parallel the Outlook user interface..”. Interestingly the above also addresses the one of famous questions which we regularly encounter 🙂

The article also covers the following topics:

  • Changing Option Settings
  • Changing Folder Properties
  • Changing the Mouse Pointer to an Hourglass
  • Changing the Status Bar
  • AdvancedSearch Method

Also you need to note that the scope of this article is limited to using Visual Basic-based programming technologies with the Outlook object model, and may not take into account possible solutions using the Collaborative Data Objects object model or other Microsoft Exchange-related programming technologies.

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