What’s new @ Xbox 306 game – “Halo: Reach”


Fans around the world are celebrating today’s release of “Halo: Reach,” the newest installment of the popular sci-fi video game series made exclusively for Xbox. Halo creators say the game is the franchise’s biggest and most ambitious to date.

“Halo: Reach” is the fourth installment of the Halo franchise, but is a prequel to the first “Halo.” The newest game takes players to Reach, a sister planet to Earth, in the year 2552 just before a frightening surprise attack by a group of ruthless, terrifying alien invaders called the Covenant.

Millions of fans worldwide are celebrating today’s release of “Halo: Reach,” the newest installment in the Xbox 360 sci-fi saga. Many fans attended launch parties held around the world on Monday, including in London, New York City’s Times Square, and Seattle.


Others lined up outside their local video game retailer to buy the newest installment of Halo at midnight. Still others stocked up on Halo-themed Mountain Dew and Doritos, preparing to hunker down and devote some serious hours to the new game.

In 2007, Halo 3 shattered records as the biggest-ever entertainment launch, and “Halo: Reach” is on track to also be one of the largest game releases in history. More than 2.7 million people played the public multiplayer beta of “Halo: Reach.”

To promote the new game, Xbox released live-action Web movies leading up to the launch that depicted the lives of everyday citizens on the planet Reach before the invasion, once again stirring up murmurs about a possible Halo movie…

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