What’s new: Microsoft LifeCam with 1080p HD Sensor

LifeCam Studio

Microsoft unveiled a new standard in webcams with LifeCam Studio, featuring sharp high-definition (HD) video with a true 1080p sensor. What i heard is it’s the perfect complement to Windows Live Messenger 2011, which will offer HD video calling in a 16:9 widescreen format so everyone can easily be seen in the video call with amazing detail. When people can’t attend an important life moment in person, LifeCam Studio delivers the closest thing to being there.

I compiled the following info which contains its specification, features and reviews:

* LifeCam Studio delivers superior sharpness and image quality in video calls.
* The native 1080p sensor is more than twice as large as the 720p HD sensors on the market and lets more light in so people experience great video in virtually any lighting condition.
* Whether the sun is streaming in the window or the user is lit only by the light from the computer monitor, LifeCam Studio brings friends and family closer than ever before.
* The launch of Microsoft’s latest HD LifeCam comes at an exciting time for webcam users with the recent announcement that Windows Live Messenger 2011 will support HD video calling this fall.
* 360-degree view range, which means that users can easily point the camera at themselves or around the room — no need to pick up an entire laptop and turn it around.
* An elongated hood modeled after a high-end camera to help protect the lens from stray light to avoid washed-out colors.
* TrueColor Technology automatically delivers bright and colorful video in virtually any lighting condition and helps keep the most important part of the video call — the face — properly exposed.
* ClearFrame Technology helps keep video smooth and detailed even in low light…

For more information about these and other Microsoft Hardware products can be found at http://www.microsoft.com/hardware.

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  1. It certainly looks the part. The problem with most web cams is they do not allow 3rd party applications to obtain snapshots from them via software commands. If they did, they would be really useful as security cams.

    Does this one support snapshots by entering a command into the URL bar of a browser, something like ?

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