Where does autocomplete gets stored in OWA?

There is always a related question regarding autocomplete feature on OWA. In outlook the auto complete gets stored in *.NK2. Where does it store for OWA ? The Auto Complete cache is stored as part of the user’s profile on the Exchange Server.

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  1. Steve Jung says:

    Is it possible to use Auto Complete cache via EWS ?

  2. Uncle Mike says:

    Hey Deva,

    I have a question about this autocomplete in OWA.  It seems that all the users on one of our Exchange servers suddenly lost all of their OWA autocomplete data at once.  I've been going crazy trying to figure this out.  Do you know enough about the way the data is stored to determine what could erase it from the server side?  We tried moving a test mailbox to another server, but that didn't clear the data.

    Any insight you could provide would be very helpful!



  3. Deva [MSFT] says:

    Hello Mike,

    By default, the AutoComplete Cache list is saved in your mailbox. It is loaded when you click the New button to open a new message.

    In order to proceed further i can suggest you the following two ways (non-programmatic options):

    1. Delete an entry from the list using OWA

    2. Delete the entire list using OWA

    1. Delete an entry from the list using OWA:

    To remove one entry of the list, highlight the name in the list (arrow up and arrow down allow you to highlight the name you want to remove, and press the Delete button on your keyboard).

    2. Delete the entire list using OWA

    To remove all entries in the list, you can log on to your mailbox using Outlook Web Access Light

    Go to Options – Messaging – Under Email Name Resolution – Click “Clear Most Recent Recipients List”

    Try this out and let me know whether this helps or not.


  4. Tony says:

    can/is roaming autocomplete backed up normally?

    if roaming autocomplete gets corrupt can we restore from backed up copy?

  5. ifty says:

    The solution has been tested but unfortunately its not working.

    I have a number of schools with some staff able to access the OWA autolist using the same profile on one computer but not on another, Generally one that has been rebuilt. The issue occurs with XP SP3 systems as well as Win7. I have ruled out Profiles, undertaken compelete windows updates,Group policies as it also happens with administrator accounts.

    We are part of the Local authority that provides OWA using exchange 2007, however we do not have any access to the exchange server.

  6. ifty - owa says:

    After following the above instructions, a test email was sent after logging onto a different computer, the email address was not offered from the autocomplete list.

    Its the same issue on Windows XP as it is on Win7 (32bit) running IE8 and IE9 browsers.

    The Exchange servers are 2007, these are managed by third party.

    many thanks for your assistance.


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