Download fix : Issue with Message size in Outlook 2010 beta

With respect to my previous blog post regarding the message size increase of some e-mails sent from the Microsoft Outlook 2010 Beta, now you got fix from Outlook Product Group blog. The Office team has been hard at work building a fix for this issue, which is available immediately. If you are using the Office 2010 Beta, please take a moment to download this important fix.

Download Outlook 2010 Beta fix for 32-bit Office 2010

Download Outlook 2010 Beta fix for 64-bit Office 2010

What this fix will do? This fix prevents future messages from consuming unnecessary space, but doesn’t resize existing messages. If you reply or forward an existing message that is affected by this bug, it remains enlarged.

In the blog post, it’s nice to hear about the figures regarding the Outlook 2010 beta download/usage – “…although Office 2010 is in Beta and is not final, we are both excited and humbled by the fact that more than 2.5 million people have downloaded and used the Beta. We want to make sure you have a great experience with Office 2010…”

Bravo, way to go!!

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