Outlook 2010 : Outlook Object Model enhancements & Changes

Outlook Object Model Changes

Per Randy’s reference, the Outlook object model has new objects, properties, methods, and events that support new Outlook 2010 features programmatically. Other improvements to the object model address frequent developer requests for specific changes to the Outlook platform.

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  1. dglingren says:

    So far, the Outlook 2010 Object Model enhancements and Changes have not addressed the following defects which are also present in Outlook 2007. Any plans to fix these?

    1. In the "Contacts (Mobile)" address list the Outlook.AddressEntry.GetContact method fails, i.e., returns "Nothing". There is no way to get from the address list entry back to the contact item it is associated with.

    2. For address list entries of type "MAPIPDL" there is no way to get back to the Outlook.DistListItem the entry is associated with. GetContact returns Nothing and there is no other method that might return a reference to the DistListItem object.

    3. You cannot use "CreateRecipient", "Resolve" and "AddMember" to add an entry to a DistListItem when the associated ContactItem has two or more email addresses. The Resolve method will return False and even if an entry is added to the list it will not be linked to the associated ContactItem. There is no way to indicate which email address to use when a ContactItem contains more than one address.

    4. If you use the DistListItem.GetMember method to retrieve an entry from a distribution list you cannot use the Recipient.GetContact method to find the associated ContactItem. The method always returns "Nothing", even after the Recipient.Resolve method returns "True".

    5. If you use the Contact Group GUI to add a mobile telephone number to a distribution list, the list entry will not be associated with the ContactItem it came from. The icon to the left of the entry is not a Contact icon, and double-clicking on the entry will not bring up the associated Contact item.

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